The government urged the public to remain at home during the corona outbreak. But in urgent conditions such as job or food needs, occasionally we still need to leave the house. For the elderly or those with ages over 65 years old, staying at home and not going out at all is an obligation. Because the elderly community was an easy target for Covid-19. Here are The Things for Bored Seniors To Do at Home

Ramen or instant noodle is one of the most popular food ingredients. Easy presentation with delicious flavor makes the ramen a favorite food for many people. But not many people know about the interesting ramen instant facts.

Having a neat and organized home is sometimes difficult to materialize. Especially if the house feels messy without you realizing. Yes, this is a problem for many people, due to the familiar with all clutter in the house that is already part of your comfort zone. Here are The The Clean House List: Dealing with boredom at home during Lockdown