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Eggs become one of the food ingredients  that exist in almost every home kitchen. Considering the egg content is good for the body because of the protein source of vitamins A, D, and B. But have you at home have problems while processing eggs? Here are The Tips How To Cook Fried Eggs

If you want to make your own home decoration, try how to make flower pot using bottle. Besides being able to reduce plastic bottle waste, it can also save production of a unique home design. More environmentally friendly and can be designed by yourself according to the needs. Here are the ideas

Common mistakes when cooking rice can happen when you cook using a stove or rice cooker. Whereas there is a rice cooker that makes the process of cooking rice becomes easier. But the use still requires understanding of how to cook rice properly, so get the desired results. Here are The common mistakes when cooking rice.

Fertilize plants should not use chemical fertilizers or compost. With simple and natural ingredients, you can also help fertilize plants. There are many natural fertilizers that you can use in the garden or on the ground. Here are The Natural Fertilizers For Plants