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Why Advertise on Home website – Home Kitchen Magazine?

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Quick Start Options for our Sponsors

We have three types of advertising: Banner Ads, and Pay Per post, and insert dofollow link.

The advantages of banner ads:

  • Can help You reach a better kind of customer
  • It completes your branding circle.
  • Get the ads featured on relevant sites.
  • Worldwide Reach
  • Your brand can go viral
  • Many placement options (Sidebar, below article, in the middle article, below title, or header)

The advantages of Pay per post (Sponsored post and Paid Review)

  • Long term strategy.
  • Avoid expensive long term contracts.
  • Decreasing Ad Rates
  • Natural and quality backlinks to your site
  • Build Your Brand Authority.
  • Long Term Directory & Resource Links
  • Domain and Page Authority. The number of relevant links pointing back to your domain (along with the quality of those sources and other quality factors) determines a major portion of that domain authority, so your site pages will have to rank in organic search results.

  • The Investment Lasts Forever. Unlike paid ads or most other traditional marketing tactics, an investment in link building lasts as long as the link (and the page on which it resides) remain active. With paid ads, you “rent” temporary visibility. Links, on the other hand, get you a permanent placement that continues to send referral traffic for the duration of their lifetime. (Source: Forbes)

There are a number of ways you can partner. We have packages that fit every marketing need and budget.

Banner Ads

Advertise on home website
  • Sidebar banner on our site linked to your website USD 35 for 1 month / 350 USD for 1 year
  • Banner Ads Below the article linked to your website USD 75 for 1 month / 750 USD for 1 year
  • Banner Ads In the middle of the article linked to your website USD 100 for 1 month / 1,000 USD for 1 year
  • Banner Ads Below the tittle of the article  linked to your website USD 150 for 1 month / 1,500 USD for 1 year
  • Banner Ads in the header linked to your website USD 200 for 1 month / 2,000 USD for 1 year

Pay Per Post

  • Sponsored Posts. We will publish your article to our website with maximum 2 dofollow links USD 75
  • Paid Review. written by our editors about your business with maximum 2 dofollow links USD 299

Insert dofollow link (permanent link)

  • Insert dofollow link to existing article USD 30 per link.

For more information, please contact us by email to monitoringclub(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)id or by contact us page.