Small pool ideas
Small Pool Ideas

9 Small Pool Ideas for backyards

If we want to build a swimming pool for the summer, we will consider the best place is a very large yard. However, it actually doesn’t need much room to build a private pool. 

Why should You have a small pool at home?

Small Pool Ideas – The private pool is always the most attractive design element.┬áIn addition to the decorative features of the pond itself, this completeness could make the residents swim more at home, a great activity for health. And the house with the pool, the value is higher.

When we decided to create a pond in the garden, the first thing to consider was the design style to be used. Essentially, this style of design should fit the house itself. Moreover, placing plants near the pool can always make it look more harmonious.

Now it’s pretty much encountered a variety of minimalist pool design that is not too land-consuming. The results are pretty amazing.

Small Pool Ideas.

Here are the small pool ideas.

How much land is available; How much Area for swimming pool.

It’s the first and foremost thing to be in your mind. That’s about how broad your backyard is and how wide you’ll be plotting to get into the pool. If it can take a conclusion at the beginning, most of the house building certainly spends at least 85% of land area.

If since the beginning of the construction of your house already with a futuristic plan to build a swimming pool then this can you ignore. Because, of course you already provide the special land, right?

At this point, you should really understand that every element that will be around the pool requires space. Therefore, it is necessary for clarity how wide the area is reserved for swimming pool.

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Simple Square.

The most commonly used shapes of the small pool is a rectangle with a simple design. The simpler the shape, the better and more efficient the placement.

The land in the backyard of the house is also not wasted.

Tiny Relaxing Place.

Besides used for exercising, the presence of a swimming pool in the house aims to create a relaxing atmosphere of the holiday.

Therefore, give the supporting accents that support the ambiance.

Oval shape.

Oval swimming pool is perfect for a narrow pool type. The shape at a glance looks like a slightly oval soap. The application of this shaped pool will look more attractive when combined with the concept of landscaping around the pool.

Kidney shape.

As the name suggests, the shape of this pool will surely be very unique. The shape is like a curved half circle, which at a glance the eyes will look very narrow. But in fact has a fairly relatively wide area for the type of swimming pool that does not have wide land.


A rectangular shape becomes a cool design is often applied to small residences.

With a shape that is too wide, long shape is a good idea in utilizing the available land.

Letter C Shape.

The pool with a bit of minimalist arches can be an interesting option.

Besides not boring, this shape will make your pool not look too small.

180-degree design.

The half-circle shape of the pool is not impossible.

With this design, the pool will look natural, even if you use natural stone material.

Tropical Modern Minimalist Pool Design.

For you who like the tropical atmosphere on the beach, you can try to add a wooden decking area by the poolside with a bench for sunbathing. Putting a big beach-style umbrella can also be used to add a tropical impression. Especially if it is coupled with brightly colored furniture and plants as decorations.

If you want a more pronounced beach atmosphere, you can add sand to the pool design. This sand can be placed on the base or around the pool area. With the addition of this sand, of course you have to do the extra care so that the pond always looks clean and well maintained.

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Thank you very much for reading 9 Small Pool Ideas for backyards, hopefully useful.

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