Counter height dining table
Counter Height Dining Table

5 Reasons Why Counter Height Dining Table Are A Must!!!

The counter height dining table has become one of the hottest interior design trends this year. Many designers as well as the owner of modern-style houses use this type of furniture for their dining room. We think that is reasonable. The counter-height furniture like that has so many benefits. And, here, we are going to tell you why you should choose this furniture for your place.

Reasons Why Counter Height Dining Table Are A Must

Reasons Why Counter Height Dining Table Are A Must #1: Unique Appearance

Compared to the standard size dining table, the counter-height type has a different appearance. It looks artistic. You can even use it as the focal point of your dining room or kitchen. The different materials between the tabletop and the legs also create a well-balanced design. It will blend well with your wooden floor or any type of room floor you use in your dining room.

Moreover, the height also makes it higher than most of the furniture you have in your dining room. Put it in the middle of the room, and you get one of the best decorations for the room. However, appearance is not the only advantage of choosing the best counter height dining table. Another benefit you also can get is its functionality.

Reasons Why Counter Height Dining Table Are A Must #2: Versatile Pieces of Furniture

Its height brings more functions than you ever imagined. One of them is how you can combine it with your kitchen countertop easily. 

For Cooking 

Most of the kitchen countertop has a similar height of the bar counter. It has this design to allow you to reach the ingredients or cooking utensil you put on it while moving around in your kitchen. We can call it effective design.

Now, if you have a dining table with similar height, plus a dining chair that complements that size, you can do many things with it. You can put the table close to the kitchen countertop to add more space if you use so many ingredients for cooking. Or, if you are too tired walking and standing, you can take the counter-height dining chair to your kitchen countertop. Sit there while preparing the ingredients.

For Storing

We are talking about the space under the counter-height table. There are plenty of them compared to the standard size dining table. Therefore, you can use this area to keep your stuff. It could be any stuff that you need later or the items that are related to the activity in your dining room, such as eating utensils or snacks.

Best of all, nowadays, you can find many designers optimize this area by adding an extra compartment in it. This counter height dining table with storage will solve the problem that you and other people have related to the limited space in the kitchen or dining room. You don’t have to add a cabinet and other big-sized storage furniture there. That means you have more space to walk around which is more convenient.

For Pets

If you have pets, especially a big dog, the standard size dining table, let them put their paw on top of the table to ask for extra food. It can damage the table, plus ruin your dinner. Now, with a counter height dining table, you don’t have to worry about this problem anymore. Your pet won’t be able to reach the table. It can become a part of its behavior training as well. 

#3. It Gives Modern Looks

The tall dining table also gives a sleek and slim impression. For modern and minimalist style followers, this kind of style is perfect for the dining room they want. Therefore, if you want to change your dining room or kitchen into a more modern vibe room, try to place this type of furniture. Guaranteed, you will get the nuance that you want.

To ensure that you get that modern look, you also have to pay attention to the material of the dining table. Wood is a good choice. However, avoid the counter-height table that uses plain and natural wood patterns. It gives your room a more classic feeling than the modern style.

So, find the painted wooden material. Or, it would be better, if you choose the metal dining table. For aesthetic purposes, try the rectangle counter height table with a glass table top. If you also can find the metal-framed glass tabletop, that is even better. With this look, your room will change into a modern-style room.

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#4. Save More Spaces

As we mentioned before, you also can save more space with a counter-height table. However, it is not limited to provide extra space for storage. The shape and size of one ofinti the counter-height tables and chairs for the dining room itself allow you to save more space.

The product we have here is the counter height table for 2. It is a dining table that fits only two people. You can see this kind of table size on the bar a lot. They use this size to allow their customer to have private and more intimate time in the bar.

However, if you use it at your home, it will become the best solution to save more space. Moreover, the intimate and close function is still there. So, if you just move in with your partner or live alone, this small counter-height table could be the best furniture you use in your dining room.

#5. Party-Friendly Furniture

The counter-height table allows your guest to take the food easily. They won’t have to bend. Plus, if you keep the chair away and use only the table, you have a good place to create a buffet table for a party. Put it close to the wall to create some kind of a station where people can come and go after they take the food that they like. It also helps you to avoid the crowded area at the party, which creates an uncomfortable atmosphere for your guests.


The counter height dining table and chair are one of the best things you can get today. It is a perfect choice for a modern style room. It gives you functionality, appearance, as well as a way to let you show your personality through your dining room.

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