Care for the house during the rainy season
care for the house during the rainy season

Tips on care for the house during the rainy season

Tips on care for the house during the rainy season – The rainy season makes the durability of your home become brittle and the paint chipped, so cleaning the House just is not enough. A few things you should do when the rainy season in order to avoid damage to your home. Here are Tips on care for the house during the rainy season.

Tips on care for the house during the rainy season

The Walls Of The House.

Preferably on the walls of the House are exposed to direct rain water must use weathercoat (Weathershied) paint, if you use regular paint layers will be prone to damp and did not close, the possibility will eventually peel off.

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Check for leaks.

If there are cracks in the roof and the walls, its condition could deteriorate because of being the place of moss and mildew breed. Use anti-leak coating paint so that the roof is free of trouble.

Pay attention the wooden furnishings.

Move all the wood furniture a few centimeters from the windows and doors. Then, put the naphthalene ball in the cupboard to help absorb moisture and keep the clothes stay fresh.

Dry with clean.

Make sure the clothes are washed completely dry so that it cannot become damp and smelly. If you do not have time to repair the house, call professionals to address the House. Thus, you do not need to panic when it rained.

Drainage Channels.

Clean drainage channels from trash or other impurities so that the blockage does not occur, check also the size of the drainage pipe drain water so that quite as water carrier. We recommended the pipe is installed obliquely so that is not the case that brought puddles of garbage/sewage.

The Floor Of  Home Terrace.

Always check and note the materials used for the floor of terrace houses, try using the material covering the floor, if using ceramic use a rough type of ceramics, so that part of the floor that is exposed to the rain water is not slippery.

Home Wiring Installation.

Check all the wires in direct contact with rain water, e.g. cables for garden lights. Do not open any part or chipped, so the installation should be safe and closed, use the flow of DC for the lights of the garden because it does not conduct electricity. In addition to plants or trees surrounding the House is need for trimming if the leaves are too dense, as the rainy conditions on a load too heavy at the top because of the buildup of water while the ground below it become loose due to absorb a lot of water.

Thank you very much for reading Tips on care for the house during the rainy season, hopefully useful.

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