How to grow a pineapple at home

How to grow a pineapple at Home

The typical sweet taste makes a pineapple being the favorite fruit of many people. In addition to the delicious taste, pineapple also contains a number of positive benefits for the health of our bodies, such as strengthening the immune system, rich in vitamin C, strengthens the bone mass, fiber, overcome pain, and others.

But not many people know that in fact we could plant pineapple in the House with flower pot media. So in addition to ornamental plants living at home, we can also harvest the result later. The next time you buy a pineapple in the market, the top (spiked leaves) disposed, because the section we can make seeds and planted.

How, cut the spiked leaves at the bottom, Please be careful not to cut the hard part around the lower foliage. After the cut, we created a special solution as the nutrition for planting, namely, from a combination of water (to taste), ½ teaspoon of Epsom salt (salt, which can be found in the pharmacy health, beauty shops, or online), and ½ teaspoon of powdered tea.

Prepare a container in such a way and insert chunks of pineapple seedlings in it. Place it on the window that gets morning sun rays for 2 weeks, keep to fluid dry out.

The next process, move the pineapple seeds to slightly damp pot medium, combined with sand and vermiculite (alternative substitution medium of soil) or it could be replaced with ground harp. Keep the soil moisture for two more weeks. Please note, do not let too much water because it can cause the roots of the newly-formed roots to rot.

In the next few weeks all the outer leaves will die and we can off one by one, replaced by a new young leaves are starting to grow. After this, we just take care of it alone with water no more than once a week, the goal to keep the growing medium stays moist (not too wet) and not dry.

Pineapple plant basically liked the slightly moist acidic soils, therefore, occasionally add a bit of leftover coffee powder into the water used for watering, don’t have too often. After roughly a year, we could enjoy the pineapple plantation that we grow ourselves. Because generally, the new pineapple fruit could harvest for about one year. Okay, farm can be a leisure activity and stress relievers at home.

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