Modern dining room
Modern Dining Room

7 Modern Dining Room Ideas

What are some aspects that should be met if you want to make Modern Dining Room, inviting and fulfilling the actual functions? We will notify you in these ideas.

We knew that in a house or apartment, the dining room, next to the kitchen, was a meeting place. Either the dining room is connected to a living room or kitchen, or separate in another room. There are also those who choose to have a dining area on the terrace.

No matter where, but what is most important is to have the ideal dining room to feel relaxed and share the food with pleasure and comfort. So take note and don’t miss this Modern Dining Room decorating tips, which we believe you will be able to turn your dining room into beautiful and ideal for family and friends gatherings.

Modern Dining Room Ideas

Size of kitchen set.

When going to combine the dining room and kitchen, the first thing you have to do is to choose a suitable kitchen set. For a small kitchen, we recommend choosing a kitchen set single model or L model. This is because of its minimalist design and does not take much space so that the rest of the empty space can use to put a dining table.

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Dining table Selection.

Besides the kitchen set, the dining table must also be your consideration. Especially for the size and also the shape. For a minimalist kitchen with an area not too large, the model of a high and sleek dining table could be the best option, especially if made of iron or stainless steel.

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Open-floor dining room Design.

In the concept of the open floor, the kitchen space, the dining room, even the family room is designed to fuse in one floor. This open plan allows one space to be divided into 3 different space functions. It is said that there are many advantages in this concept of space, besides removing the partition between one room and the other, one room can be used more functionally and gives the occupants the opportunity to more freely interact Without any divider.

Open dining room, ideal for home interior construction or small apartment. Do not worry about the openness of creating and making the room seem untidy or messy; quite the contrary; With carefully planned decoration and space zoning, the open floor design is precisely become one of the modern aesthetic spaces to have a small room with an attractive appearance.


Modern dining room ideas

Choose furniture with lighter shades using the matching wood material. You can also use other materials, but make sure the size does not make the dining room seem narrow. Choose furniture with a smooth, sleek shape.


Choose a bright color in the dining room to provide a natural, clean and bright effect. Adjust the color of the furniture with the color of the room to look harmonious.

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You can add plants in the corner of the dining room or the flower vase at the dining table. Add the carpet to create an elegant impression. Decorate the dining room area with unique accessories such as a unique minimalist lamp, wall painting or other wall decorations.

Classic Style Luxury Dining Room Design.

There are two types of luxury dining room design that you can choose, which is a luxurious classical style dining room and a luxurious modern dining room. The luxurious classic dining room is perfect for those who prefer a simple but luxurious and elegant feel is still reflected.

The luxurious classic-style dining room design usually carries a vintage or retro theme. With the dominant colors used such as gold, beige, and maroon. To add to the beauty of the interior design, you can add natural stone wall decorations. You can choose a chair and a long dining table by giving it a mix of black and beige.

Choosing the right furniture for a classic-style dining room can also emphasize the existing glamour side. In addition to furniture, the floor is also a key element in the classic dining room that gives a luxurious impression. As an option, you can use wood, natural stone, quartz, and marble materials.

However, out of all the basic materials on the floor, marble is the best option for luxury dining rooms.

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