How to grow chili peppers from seeds
How To Grow Chili Peppers From Seeds

5 Tips – How To Grow Chili Peppers From Seeds

When deciding to practice how to grow chili peppers from seeds and abundant yields, understand the types of chili plants first. Varieties of chili plants that can be cultivated are large chilies, hybrid chilies, and cayenne pepper.

The types include large red chilies, curly red chilies, green chilies, cayenne peppers, hybrid chilies, to peppers. Of all these types, how to grow chilies from seeds and abundant yields that can be practiced is not much different.

The key to the cultivation of the most important chilies is the knowledge of how to grow chilies from seeds and the correct abundant yield. Starting from understanding techniques, paying attention to the land, understanding the seasons, and not tired of market surveys.

In order to be able to directly practice how to grow chilies from seeds and abundant results, following review the explanation from various sources.

How To Grow Chili Peppers From Seeds

How to Grow Chili 1: Chili Seed Selection and Dry

  • Cut the chili into 3 parts. Take the seeds on the middle piece. The middle part has the seeds with the highest quality when compared to the front and back.
  • Soak the chili seeds in a glass of clean water. Choose the seeds that sunk. Floating seeds are unqualified seeds.
  • Remove the quality chili seeds from the soaking water, then dry for three days or more.

How to Grow Chili peppers from seeds 2: Seed seeding for the best seed selection

You can do seeding first to choose quality chili seeds.

  • Prepare a sowing medium in the form of soil that has been mixed with husks and manure in a ratio of 2:1:1 or 1:1:1.
  • Prepare a polybag measuring 5 x 10 cm. Fill with the planting media that has been prepared to meet three-quarters of the parts.
  • Soak the seeds in warm water for 6 hours to stimulate seed growth.
  • Plant seeds in sowing media as deep as 1.5 cm, then cover again with soil planting media. Store in a safe place from the attack of locust pests, caterpillars, ants or other insects.
  • Put seedlings in a room with minimal lighting or shade to avoid direct sunlight exposure or heavy rain. It can also be covering the surface of the sowing media with a black cloth that has been given several holes.
  • Flush the seeds that have been sown with clean water every morning and evening for a month. After a month, the seeds will grow into seedlings that are ready to be moved to a larger planting medium.
  • Wait till the seeds sprout. Choose those which shoots are large and look healthy. That’s the seed of a quality chili plant.
  • If the height has reached 5-10 cm, transfer it to the planting media 3-5 days later.

How to Grow Chili from Seeds and Abundant Results by Transferring Chili Seeds in Large Area

The next way to grow chilies from seeds and abundant yields is to move them to larger areas. Chili seeds can be moved when entering the age of 21 to 24 days. At this age, chili plants usually already have 3-4 strands of leaves.

Transfer the chilies to a larger area so they can grow more optimally. How to plant chilies from seeds and abundant yields in this section should choose a soil which porosity is good and loose. Prepare the hoeed land about 20-40 cm in depth.

Make beds 30-40 cm high and 1 m wide. Make sure the distance of each bed is 60 cm with a maximum length of 15 m. Cover the bed with black silver plastic mulch. Do not forget to keep regularly cleaning weeds that will affect plant growth. Flush also regularly and do not let the water pool.

How to take good and correct care of chili plants

Surely, if the plant wants to grow fast must be watered. Make sure the chili plant gets 2 cm of water for a week.

In addition to regular watering, do not forget to give fertilizer to chili plants so that the harvest is superior and fresh. We recommend that you use compost to keep the chilies organic.

Watered and given fertilizer already; now, just drive out the pests and uproot wild plants. Keep checking the condition of the chili plants. If there are pests or wild plants that try to damage the growth of chili plants, immediately remove the pest and remove the wild plant so that the chili plant can continue growing.

How to Grow Chili peppers from Seeds and Abundant Results by Doing Morning Harvesting

If it has grown big, how to plant chilies from seeds and subsequent abundant results by supporting chili plants to stay upright.

This support can be done by installing bamboo sticks. The sticking distance of this bamboo stick is about 4 cm only from the base of the stem. The exact time on the 7th day after the seedlings are moved.

How to grow chilies from seeds and abundant yield is harvesting. When the chili has grown perfectly, the chili can be harvested immediately. Harvesting should be done in the morning.

Precisely at 5 a.m. to 7 a.m. The trick is to pick the fruit and the stalk. The harvesting process can be done after curly red pepper is 75 to 85 days old. This process can be done once every 2-5 days. Pick chili in accordance with the wishes of the market.

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