Growing papaya in a pot
Growing Papaya In A Pot

5 Easy Tips On Growing Papaya In A Pot At Home

Tips On Growing Papaya In A Pot At Home – If you are a fan of papaya fruit, good news. If you want to plant, but do not have vast land, you can cultivate papaya using a pot. Interestingly, you can plant it from the seeds of the papaya.

Papaya Fruit and seed benefits

Papaya Fruit has many benefits because it contains vitamin A that is good for eye health, papaya can also facilitate digestion for the hard bowel movements. In addition, papaya fruit seeds are also efficacious as antioxidants in the blood and can lower the levels of bad cholesterol.

Papaya seeds have an effect of hypolipidemia for therapy hyperlipidemia caused by the content of vegetable fat or cholesterol in too high because the seed extract contains alkaloid content, anthraquinones, flavonoids, tannins, saponins and anthocyanins.

How to consume papaya seeds is by blending and served like a juice drink in general, or by brewed like brew coffee after first dried and blended.

Until now, the cultivation of papaya is still generative, namely by raising the seeds of the ripe fruit.

If you want to plant papaya in a pot in the house, here are the tips:

Tips On Growing Papaya In A Pot At Home

Selection of Papaya seeds

The good seeds are obtained from selected papaya fruit. Choose elongated, non-blemish, disease-free, and mature trees.
Take the beans located at the end up to the middle of the fruit. Papaya seed germination can be done in various ways. One of them uses a damp tissue or cloth.

Selected seeds are soaked overnight using warm water. Take the sinking seeds, then washed clean and drain. Wrap the seeds with tissues or damp cloth, occasionally spray with water to keep them moisturized..

Put the seeds that have been wrapped into the plastic clip and close tightly. Place it in a place exposed to sunlight, but not directly. The temperature required for germination is about 30 degrees Celsius. Keep the moisture of the seed media by spraying water.

After about 7-12 days, the seeds will begin to germinate. Furthermore, the seeds are soed in a polybag filled with soil media with a mixture of manure (2:1).

Prepare for the Planting Media

The next tips on growing papaya in a pot is prepare for the planting media.

For non hydroponic system media growing containers, prepare the pot with large size. It can be selected pot with a diameter of about 40 cm. If there is a drum used or large bucket is available, be a pot for papaya plant.

Make sure the bottom of the pot is enough water drain holes. Pot manufacturers usually make a hole that is not too much, how can you add the hole yourself because the ungood water absorption will make a rotten plant.

Planting Media can be made from a mixture of yard soil and manure with a ratio of 2:1. Make sure the manure used is quite old age, because the new manure will actually make your plant seed dead. We can add grilled husk or raw husk if available, to get better drainage.

Planting seedlings

It is advisable for you to choose California papaya seeds. The reason is, this plant is not too big if planted in pots. In addition, the type of California papaya has a sweet flavor and much liked people.

After the seedlings are ready, You can insert the planting medium in the pot. Do not forget the bottom is filled with broken tiles, charcoal kitchen, gravel, so that the drain hole is maintained. Plant the seeds in an upright state and make sure the roots are covered flat with soil.

Care of Papaya cultivation

Growing papaya in a pot tips

Plant extension conducted after aged 1.5 months since planting. Plants that grow badly are uprooted and it can be replaced with new seedlings.

Observe the tree when the first flower grows on the leaf’s armpit. This flower starts to grow when the planting age is 4 months. When a single grows means a female flower and if the clustered means male.  Trees should be revoked and replaced with new seedlings. For the nutrient supply is done in fertilization, which starts in the second week after seedlings are moved to planting. Use manure or compost fertilizer.


Papaya cultivation can be harvested after the planting period of 9 months. Productivity depends on climatic conditions, varieties and care. Papaya fruit plucked should approach the tree’s ripe stage. There are yellowish lines on the skin of the fruit.

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