How to get rid of an unwanted stray cat
How To Get Rid of An Unwanted Stray Cat

11 Ways How To Get Rid of An Unwanted Stray Cat Without Hurt, Don’t Be Rude – For some people, wild cat’s presence is quite disturbing. There are some people who are really afraid of cats or even traumatized because they have been scratched so they don’t want to be close to these animals.

Well, fortunately there are several solutions to overcome this problem, namely with simple methods related to how to get rid of an unwanted stray cat without having to hurt them.

In fact, not all cats are friendly, let alone many stray cats that have the potential to carry disease-causing germs and bacteria. Therefore, you need to apply how to get rid of stray cats properly without hurting and being done roughly.

But keep in mind, don’t drive stray cats roughly, okay? So, How To Get Rid of An Unwanted Stray Cat that are good and right without hurting them?

How To Get Rid of An Unwanted Stray Cat Without Hurt

Here are ways that you can do to get rid of stray cats without hurting and being done roughly:

1. Organizing Food Sources

Wildcats will usually live in places where there is a lot of food. If you have a pet cat at home, avoid feeding your cat outdoors and cover the remains of litter securely to prevent stray cats from getting there.

Also, don’t throw leftover meat into the trash heap beside the house. You need to keep your cookware clean to avoid odors that tempt stray cats in your home.

2. Spreads a Smell that Cats Don’t Like

Cats are like with other wild animals such as mice to cockroaches that do not like certain scents.

Here are some scents you can try to keep stray cats from coming near you. One of its uniqueness is that we like this aroma because it smells good and smells good. So it doesn’t matter when we spread it around the house.

The aromas include lemon, chili and menthol. Basically, cats don’t like strong smells because they pierce the nose. The smell of chili can make your eyes sting. Meanwhile, menthol, like lemon, is liked by humans but not by cats. The scent of menthol can be found in balms, eucalyptus oil, wind oil, and other odors that contain menthol.

3. Using Chicken Wire

Place chicken wire above the ground in areas where stray cats frequent. In fact, cats hate to walk on chicken wire. His voice is noisy and can break the silence around make stray cats run away.

4. Bathe Your Female Cat

If you have a female cat, then you can do this method regularly. Male feral cats will be attracted to any female cat that is in heat.

When you bathe a female cat she is less likely to attract the attention of wandering males, females should be kept in a special room during their heat cycle.

5. Put Plants That Cats Hate

Cats do not like some plants that emit odors, such as coleus canina, rue, lavender, and pennyroyal. You can put it around the yard, either combined with other plants or left to stand alone.

6. Spray Water

The cats really hate being sprayed with water. There are many ways you can do this. One of them can use a faucet or a small water gun.

You can also use a water device as a plant sprinkler in the yard. The trick is to set an automatic timer at the hours when the cat usually enters the house area. If you want it even easier, there is now a sensor technology that immediately sprays water when a cat passes by.

7. Make the target place uncomfortable

Cats usually like to relax. By making the page uncomfortable, of course, this stray cat will be reluctant to come to it. You can fill it with flowerbeds or areas where the cats usually relax with sharp pebbles.

8. Utilize Sound Devices

This way How To Get Rid of An Unwanted Stray Cat is effective and certainly will not interfere with humans. You can install ultrasonic devices around the house. The tool can make a sound that causes the cat to be irritated to hear it, while the tool is on, humans will not be disturbed because the sound is beyond the range of human hearing.

Only certain animals can hear this sound, for example cats, dogs, to bats. The motion sensor can detect the presence of intruders and emit high-frequency sounds that can scare cats away.

You can also make your own noisy device by placing marbles or pebbles in an empty can to make your cat angry when it walks to the fence. You can also use a sensitive buzzer or a wind chime that makes a sound when the cat vibrates.

9. Use commercial Synthetic Cat Repellent

Cats have a very sharp sense of smell and taste. Synthetic repellents are available to keep stray cats from coming,

There are many commercial cat repellents that you can use. Usually in the form of a powder in which there is a medicine that contains the smell of the urine of other predators that cats fear.

How to use it is to sprinkle it around the area where the cat usually lives. Some of these cat repellent products you should choose carefully. This is because some contain harsh chemicals, some are organic. It is highly recommended that you choose a commercial synthetic cat repellent with natural or organic ingredients.

However, don’t let the stray cat get sick or even die around your home area due to intense exposure to drugs that contain harmful substances.

10. Using Motion Sensor Sprinklers

The next way is that you can install a motion sensor sprinkler system to spray stray cats that violate the boundary. This sprinkler activates automatically when there is movement and then sprays stray cats with a jet of water, causing them to avoid the area afterwards.

11. Scared With Stick

The last way you can do to repel wild animals without hurting and roughing it is with a stick. Cats are generally afraid of flat, hard, and long objects. For example, like cucumber, bamboo slices, and so on. You can simply frighten a stray cat by waving a stick, you don’t need to hit it. In addition to the snaking motion, the sound caused by the flick of a stick can also disturb the peace of the cat.

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That’s the information on How To Get Rid of An Unwanted Stray Cat without hurting them. It should be emphasized, that the way to get rid of these animals must be as reasonable as possible, not to hurt or even drive them away in rough ways. Hope it is useful.

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