How to get rid of cockroaches
How to get rid of cockroaches

How to get rid of cockroaches


Roaches is the enemy of every home. Some homes that are less hygiene will often get cockroaches. Cockroaches love wet or moist places. We often uncomfortable with the presence of cockroaches, especially if roaches fly there and come. In addition, cockroaches are also carrier bacteria that can cause disease. The following 7 steps How to get rid of cockroaches.

  • Hygiene.

Everyone knows, if keep clean of the home is a major key in repel roaches from home. Don’t let your House corners surrounded by dust or dirty. Leaving food out in the open could invite cockroaches to come. Try to cover the food that’s been dumped or not eaten to avoid the influx of roaches.

  • Trap

The second step that can be taken is to install the trap. Provide a bait that already contains toxins, after the cockroaches eat the bait can be sure the cockroaches will die.

  • Reduce Moisture

Already described in the beginning if roaches love damp places. For that reason, it is strongly recommended to reduce moisture to the House. Good air circulation will make the House into a fresh taste and not humid. Make sure the Sun can easily enter into your House.

  • Powerful Deodorizer

Not just a mop and sweep the floor. However, try to use a strong smelling fragrances. Use a deodorizer that has a strong aroma, usually cockroaches do not like a strong fragrant odor.

  • Boric Acid.

Dissolve boric acid into the water, then spray it to some place that becomes a nest of cockroaches. It can be done on a regular basis if you want roaches are gone from the House.

  • Bay Leaf

The materials to repel roaches turns out to be found easily and cheaply. Bay leaf turned out to be used to repel cockroaches. A strong odor of bay leaf turns out could make the roaches are reluctant to get into the House. Hang bay leaves in portal of entry roaches.

  • Cold Room

After committing to a-six steps above, make sure your House also has a cool temperature. Because roaches don’t like cold temperatures.

Thank you very much for reading How to get rid of cockroaches, hopefully useful.