How to get rid of ants on plants
How To Get Rid of Ants on Plants

5 Natural Ways How To Get Rid of Ants on Plants at Home. Practice! | Natural Ways how to get rid of ants on plants at Home – Have you ever felt irritated when you had to repel ants on plants in your yard that made the quality of the plants decrease? Some of the ways below are quite simple and can be done as soon as possible. More details, read to the end!

Repelling ants on ornamental plants in the yard of the house is quite easy to do.

Keep in mind, ants are animals that can indirectly damage plants.

Called indirect because instead of damaging, ants actually target pests such as mealybugs or aphids that often perch on a number of ornamental plants.

Its nature that likes sweet dirt resulting from the alighting of these insects makes ants often gather around plants.

A fairly effective way to repel ants away from plants can be done by combining ant bait and chemicals.

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However, there are also ways to get rid of ants on plants naturally, or not require chemicals.

Here’s the explanation!

5 Natural Ways How To Get Rid of Ants on Plants

1. Using Orange Peel

In general, the smell of citrus is not liked by ants.

So, to eradicate it from plants in the yard, the first way that can be done is by squeezing the orange peel.

Spread the juice or scent of the orange peel around the plant.

For better results, boil a large amount of orange peel for about 15 minutes.

Then puree the orange peel and pour it around the plant.

2. Spread the Aroma of Spices

The second way that can be tried is by spreading the aroma of spices.

Some strong aromas of spices such as cinnamon, cloves, coffee grounds, or dried mint tea leaves are highly avoided by ants.

Spread the aroma of the spices around the yard where ants regularly visit.

3. Take advantage of the Soap Solution

The soap solution that is usually found in the kitchen for washing dishes or other utensils can be used to repel ants on plants.

Mix one teaspoon of the soap solution into one liter of warm water.

The content of peppermint in the soap solution can keep ant colonies away and the plants in the yard of the house are safe from other pests.

4. Eliminate Ant Traces Towards Plants

Repelling ants on plants can be done in various ways.

The easiest tip is to remove the ant trail.

Generally, ants walk hand in hand towards the target plant because of their colonial nature.

As for how to remove the traces of ants by putting unused cloth on the paths through which the ants pass.

Previously, for better results, soak the cloth first with bleach clothes and then squeeze until the remaining water contained in the fabric is not too much.

Next save or block the ant path.

5. Keep a Close Eye on Plants and Keep the Yard Clean

So that the ants don’t come back after doing the methods above, keep monitoring the plants and take care of them page cleanliness every day.

This is a last resort so that plants in the yard of the house are protected from various pests, not only ants.

By maintaining cleanliness, especially with the addition of fragrances in the yard, ants and other pests are believed to feel uncomfortable and stay away.


That’s a natural way to How To Get Rid of Ants on Plants so that the plants in the yard are maintained.

I hope these methods are useful.

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