How to clean carpet without a vacuum
How To Clean Carpet Without A Vacuum

7 Tips – How To Clean Carpet Without A Vacuum

How To Clean Carpet Without A Vacuum – Installing carpets in the house will make the room look more attractive and feel warmer. When you install carpets, it is important to clean the carpet to keep you comfortable in the house.

As we know that carpet is one of the things that will make your house look better, as long as you are able to put it in a place that is suitable because it is not uncommon even though the person buys carpets at a high price, but it turns out that the room even looks less attractive because there is no fit between the carpet and the room.

In addition, carpets are one of the parts of the house that you always have to control its cleanliness because it is feared that it will instead become a comfortable nest for the development of bacteria and germs.

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The condition of the carpet will look good when we clean it regularly and correctly, so that the color and texture are preserved and look well maintained. Using a vacuum cleaner is a practical way to clean carpets. But besides that tool, there are actually ways and other tools that we can use to clean carpets. Anything?

How To Clean Carpet Without A Vacuum

Rattan Batsmen

This tool can be called the most traditional tool for cleaning carpets. The trick is not difficult, just beat the rattan batsmen that are usually used to clean the dust on the mattress. Hit the carpet many times until the dust is removed from the carpet. After that, do not forget, the dust that falls to the floor immediately clean.


If there are stains on the carpet, we can clean them with the help of a little detergent. Sprinkle to taste, then rub the carpet in different directions to ensure that the stain is removed to the maximum. This is one of the most frequently used ways to clean carpets without vacuum cleaners, especially when the carpet is stained.

Vinegar and water

In addition to detergents, we can also remove stains on the carpet with a mixture of water and a little vinegar. Simply rub the carpet stains with a sponge that has been dipped in a solution of water and vinegar. After that, rinse with clean water and dry it.

Vinegar and baking soda.

All you have to do is sprinkle baking soda or spray vinegar over the stain. Leave for an hour or if it is not in a hurry to leave it overnight, then the stain will be removed. The rest of the baking soda is cleaned using a broomstick. Then the vacuum cleaner is no longer needed because how to clean carpet without a vacuum cleaner is very easy to do.

Regular cleaning with broom sticks.

This is the most effective way to clean carpets without a vacuum cleaner. Dust and other impurities such as food crumbs will be washed away easily.

Take advantage of feather duster.

Feather duster is often used to clean the chair and  table from the dust that sticks. It turns out that feather duster can also be a way of cleaning carpets without a vacuum cleaner that is easy to get. All you have to do is buy it at the nearest store around you. You can use feather duster every day or twice a day depending on the intensity you step on the carpet. 

Sweeping Regularly

You can use a regular broom that you use to sweep the floor, but before you use a broom, you have to make sure that the broom you are using is clean of dust or dirt so that the carpet does not get dirty as well.

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