How often to replace kitchen sponge

How often to replace kitchen sponge

Sponge dishwasher is the one kitchen appliance that we often forget the cleanliness. The reason is simple, maybe we think this one tool is clean enough because the task is to clean other items. Though it’s a big mistake. Sponge dishwasher became a tool that most frequent contact with a variety of bacteria ranging from leftovers, the rest of the drinks to a variety of materials such as a rotten stick on lunch box. Sponges are also more often in humid conditions made it the most ideal for bacteria to breed. Thus, How often to replace kitchen sponge?

The average person replace the sponge if it has not been severely damaged, there is no determination of a scheduled time to replace. A new study published in the Scientific Reports, will probably make you want to change habits by replacing the sponges that has been worn for too long.

The research team from Germany analyzed 14 recycling collected sponges from sponge households in Germany. They found that the sponges keep a very high number of bacteria. At first it may not matter at all to be diligent in replacing the sponge. But the results of the study found that the best thing to do is replace the sponge once a week.

Previous research has also shown that kitchen sponges contain bacteria with the highest number of koliform found in the feces of humans and animals. It also shows that sponges contain pathogenic bacteria, a type of bacteria that can cause diseases such as escherichia coli and salmonella.

In fact the kitchen has more microbes than toilet, especially located on the sponge. The sponge is the largest source of active bacteria around the House. Surely you want a kitchen that is protected from bacteria is not it? Let’s replace the sponge in the kitchen once a week.

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