Appliances that use the most electricity in the home
Appliances That Use The Most Electricity in The Home

8 Appliances That Use The Most Electricity in The Home

The appliances that use the most electricity in the home – Electricity has become an important power source that is now commonly used by many people to perform various activities. However, electricity is not a free resource. Electricity is generally generated by certain institutions that have power generation technology. By implication, those who want to pay for electricity will have to pay. Since it is not free, some people choose to save the electricity they use.

One way to choose from to save electricity is to reduce the use of any electronic devices. Some electronic devices have different levels of electricity use. Here are the most wasteful electronic devices of electricity:

The Appliances That Use The Most Electricity in The Home

AC (Air Conditioner)

The use of air conditioning in the home and office has become natural. Apparently, AC requires a lot of electrical power when cooling the room. Especially if you keep the AC on without pause.
Therefore, you should turn on the AC according to your needs. If the room is not too many people, lower the temperature. Avoid hot air from outside so that the air conditioner does not work twice as much to cool the room. (Learn more about 8 Tips – How To Cool The Room Without Air Conditioning)

Water Heater

Water heaters became the second electronic device to consume large amounts of electricity. In one day, a water heater can consume electricity of 13.5 kWh, which in one month can reach 405 kWh. The electricity consumption of water heaters will be higher if the desired temperature is higher.

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Refrigerators that are often used to store and cool food also consume electricity in high enough quantities. Within a month, the refrigerator could consume 162 kWh of electricity. The number will be higher if the user resets the temperature that has become the official rule of the refrigerator manufacturer.


The next household electronic device that consumes electrical power is the lamp. If your home uses white lights with high frequency, then the electrical power used is quite a lot. To be more efficient, try switching to LED lights that use low electrical power. Although the price is a little more expensive, LED lights are environmentally friendly and also more durable. In addition, try to turn on the lights only when needed.

Washing machine

Use the washing machine according to the specified limit. Do not try to put dirty clothes in more than the specified capacity of kilograms. If the washing machine you have has a drying system with electricity, avoid frequent use because it makes the electricity bill bigger. If your clothes don’t really need special care, try sunlight to dry them out.


If you want to iron clothes, try adjusting to the type of heat listed on the clothing label. Don’t put high heat on delicate clothes like linen. Avoid also ironing in small amounts but often. It is best to iron in large quantities, but a slight intensity is rare. In addition, make it a habit to clean the bottom of the iron every time. Dirt or crust that sticks to the bottom in addition to making the iron becomes not slippery, also makes the heat that comes out to be not optimal.

Water Pump

Based on the amount of electrical power, water pumps consist of various types ranging from those that have low suction power to very large straw power, which is about 100 watts to 10,000 watts. In general, the amount of electrical power required by the pump depends on the depth of the drilled soil.

Rice cooker

Rice is a mandatory food for Asian countries. Of course, this rice cooker is very much needed. The tool to cook rice is quite a lot of electricity. When raising rice, the amount of power absorbed by the rice cooker is 395 watts while the power when heating the rice is 77 watts. The use of rice cooker is also quite often done, it can even reach 24 hours in a day.

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