Window garden - agriculture in small area
Window garden - agriculture in small area

Window Garden, agriculture in small area

If you are a hobby gardening but don’t have a large area, window area can be used as an option. Change the window into a small garden. Window garden is a plant that is placed on the box outside the window. You can grow different kinds of plants, such as flowers to herb plants.

Window Garden Tips – agriculture in small area

Prepare the box.

Window sills will be the location of the placement box. Usually the plant boxes using wire boxes and wooden boxes. After that, you should add a tiny pot size is smaller than the box as a container plant.

Note the size of the box.

You must turn off the strength of the box structure used. Make sure the plants are strong and attached perfectly to the wall so that it cannot easily fall or be damaged. Adjust the weight of soil and plants that will be placed in the box. Then, adjust the design box with your home design.

Choosing plants.

Plants in the window usually will often be exposed to sunlight, for it, you should choose plants that are resistant to heat. Different types of cactus, it will look prettier if it’s placed in the window garden. Alternatively, you can choose plants that are not too high or not too small. For example, you can select english ivy plants, petunia, or Philodendron.

Look at the side of the House.

Plants and herbs and vegetable plants are usually not suitable if too exposed to the blazing sun. So pay attention to the good side at home to plant it. Please choose the area that the sunlight is not too hot, but still get the sunlight in the morning or afternoon.

Taking care of the window garden.

As well as plants in other areas, window garden also needs your attention in order to remain durable and flowering. Make sure the plants are not overlapping so that everything is exposed to sunlight. Then, Then, prune the plants when they begin to droop, because the very lush plants make the wall look dirty.

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In addition, make sure there is no Moss, weeds, or other wild plants around the plant as it will make the main plant is hard to get the food. The limitations of the land make the size of the house smaller. Instead of buying a little house far away from the city center, there’s nothing wrong you start considering the apartment. Excellence, the apartment is located in the middle of the city so you don’t have to waste a lot of time when going office.

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