How to cook using a rice cooker
How To Cook Using A Rice Cooker

2 Tips – How To Cook Using A Rice Cooker + Step by Step

In this article, we will discuss about How To Cook Using A Rice Cooker, including discussing about How to cook rice with Rice Cooker, and Boarder-style How To Cook Using A Rice Cooker.

How to cook rice with Rice Cooker

Rice cooker is an easy and effective option used to cook rice. Nowadays, there are many rice cooker that has heating feature so it can still keep the rice warm after cooked. You do not need to monitor the rice cooker at any time until cooked rice, because it is equipped with a sensor or automatic timer that releases a click sound when the rice is cooked. 

1# Measure the rice with the measuring cup, and put it in your rice cooker.

How to cook using a rice cooker - measure the rice
How To Cook Using A Rice Cooker

Some rice cooker brands have a removable pot, while others do not, so the rice should be inserted directly into the rice cooker. Generally, the rice cooker is equipped with a measuring cup or spoon that can be filled with 3/4 cups (180 ml) of rice. Alternatively, use a glass or a regular measuring cup.

2# Wash rice if necessary.

Many people choose to wash rice to remove impurities, pesticides, herbicides, or contaminants that may exist. Some ways of traditional grinding also make the grain of rice rupture, so that there is flour mixed with the rice and need to be washed to prevent grain of rice sticky.

If you decide to wash the rice, pour clean water into the container containing rice, or wash it under the tap water stream.

Pour the water while stirring the rice until completely flooded. Drain the water through the sieve or the tip of the bowl slowly, while capturing the grain of the rice that is carried water with your hands.

If the washing water looks cloudy / discolored, or there is a lot of dirt floating on the water surface, rinse two to three times again until the rinse water is visibly enough clear.

3# Measure water.

Most guides on the rice cooker suggest the use of cold water. How much water you add depends on the amount and type of rice you cook, as well as what kind of rice texture you want. If you notice, there is a measuring line on the inside of the rice cooker that shows how much rice and water should be added, or in the guide how to cook on the rice packaging.

4# Soak the rice for thirty minutes if you like.

It is not necessary, but some people soak rice to shorten the cooking time. Soaking can also make rice more sticky. Use the amount of water measured beforehand to soak the rice at room temperature, then use this marinade also to cook.

5# Add seasoning (to taste).

The seasoning should be added to the water before you start to cook the rice, so that the rice will absorb this taste during cooking.

Many people prefer adding a bit of salt at this stage. Butter or oil is another ingredient that is also commonly added. If you make Indian rice, you need to add some cardamom seeds or bay leaves.

6# Put the grain of rice attached to the wall of the pan into the water

Put the grain of rice attached to the wall of the pan into the water so that all the rice is completely flooded, do not let anyone get stuck.

Use a wooden or plastic spoon to do so. Rice that is outside the water can be scorched during cooking. If water or rice spilled into the edge of the pan, wipe the outside of the pot with a cloth or wipe until dry.

7# Check your rice cooker to turn on options or special settings.

Most rice cooker only has an on/off button, while others have different settings for brown or white rice, or a setting to delay cooking and just start after a certain period of time. Cooking problems are rare if you choose a regular setting, but you may also need to know other key functions if they exist.

8# Cook rice in a rice cooker.

If your rice cooker has a removable pot, reattach the pot after it is filled with rice and water. Close your rice cooker, then connect the cord to an electrical outlet, and press the button to cook. This automatically release the click as a toaster when the rice is cooked. In most of the rice cooker, the rice will still be heated until you unplug the cord from the electrical outlet.

9# Leave the rice for 10-15 minutes

Leave the rice for 10-15 minutes before opening the rice cooker lid (optional).

Although this is not a must, it is generally recommended in the rice cooker usage guidelines, and it is automatically performed on some rice cooker brands. During this time, disconnect the electricity or remove the pot from the heat source will reduce the amount of rice that is sticky in the rice cooker.

10# Stir the rice so that it is not dense and lumpy, and serve.

Once there is no water left, the rice is ready to eat. Stirring the rice with a spoon of rice once cooked will break the lumps and release the steam, thereby preventing the rice from overcooked.

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Boarder-style How To Cook Using A Rice Cooker

For boarding children, cooking is one of the fun activities. Although cookware is quite limited, the boarding children’s ideas are always innovative. If there is no stove, use a rice cooker for cooking can still be done.

Rice cooker for boarding children not only to cook rice. Rice cooker can also be used to cook other cooking ingredients. Even make vegetable until the sweet Martabak can be used using rice cooker.

Wondering what kind of cuisine is produced by the boarding child-style rice cooker?

  • Vegetable Cooking can also be made with a rice cooker.
  • Fried salted fish can also use a rice cooker.
  • Cook rice and boil eggs at the same time.
  • Cook rice using fried chicken flour.
  • Cook Sweet Martabak also can use a rice cooker

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