Unique wall clocks
Unique Wall Clocks

11 Unique Wall Clocks for Room Decoration

Unique Wall Clocks – Time is money, that’s a saying. To see the time, we definitely need a tool called the clock. The clock is a lot of kind, but this time, the wall clock will be the main focus. Talking about the wall clock, it seems that everyone knows if this one we can meet anywhere like in school, home, office, even in the place of worship, though.

Not only serves as a time marker, wall clocks also play an important role as room ornament decoration. Well, here are Unique Wall Clocks that are really artistic, anti mainstream.

Unique Wall Clocks

The Radium II Stylish Modern Laser Cut Wall Clock

If you’re a science lover, a wall clock with this concept can be your inspiration. As the name suggests, this clock is inspired by radioactivity or radioactive decay. In the center (small wooden stripes) symbolize the atoms that emit particles throughout the room. Very Epic!

Clock and coat hanger.

Ornaments should not only be beautiful, but also multifunctional. The clock that doubles as a coat hanger for example. In addition to the color can be selected and adjusted to taste, the design is also in line with the concept of minimalist house.

Clock and Rack.

The clock that takes inspiration from this clock has a storage rack that you can use to put your favorite books, displays, or collections. Suitable for filling a house or a small apartment.

Modern Cuckoo clock.

Unique wall clocks

Bring back nostalgic childhood with a modern-style cuckoo clock. The colors will brighten the room and become the center of attention for visiting guests. Place it on a neutral-colored wall and attach it to other matching wall decorations.

DJ Record Wall Clock.

A wall clock resembling a DJ record is perfect for you who love music. The vinyl record, which is usually placed on the table, transforms into a wall hanger. Simple and also interesting for anyone who sees it.

Automotive Wall Clock.

For those of you who like automotive, this wall clock is the right choice to decorate your house. In addition to showing your identity and character, this watch looks very sturdy and eye-catchy. The combination of simple and complex is visible in the circle of numbers and the pointer.

Bike Wheel Clock.

Unique wall clocks

Made by bicycle aluminum wheels, gives the impression of the clock floating on the wall. In the middle of the clock it is mounted with a hook to its wall so it doesn’t look like it’s hung. The white color combined with the red hour hand makes it attractive and easily read by the person who sees it.

Wall clocks using playing Cards

This clock design is very simple. The only three wooden planks are arranged into a square. Then to numbers, customized using a playing card. Cool, right?

Wall Clocks using Domino cards

It is also almost identical to the previous one using wooden planks. It’s just for the number, using the Domino’s card from the plastic. Then you just paste it using glue. Don’t nail it, it will break.

Wall clock of wood cutting board.

Not only as a cookware, wood cutting board can also be a beautiful hour. Then you can use the clockwork in the form of cutlery such as spoon, forks, and others. 

Human Face Wall Clock.

This unique wall clock is called Patience.

This clock shows the same time as analog clocks in general. The difference of this hour is the timing that does not use the clockwise. Patience uses a human face loop video, where the right eye shows the clock, the left eye shows a minute. Then the sound of  “Tik tok ” is replaced by the voice of the mouth by tasting the lips. The three movements make a clock indicator with an unusual facial expression classified as unique and slightly creepy.

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