Kitchen storage solutions for small spaces
Kitchen Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

7 Kitchen Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

Kitchen Storage Solutions For Small Spaces – The kitchen is a very important room to always be maintained and well maintained. Having a kitchen with a spacious room can be good luck because it can store goods and food well. But that doesn’t mean the narrow room can’t be maximized properly.

Although the storage cabinets are too little, too high, up to a less quality design. It all depends on self-creativity to be able to use the kitchen properly. Let’s follow the Kitchen Storage Solutions For Small Spaces as follows.

Kitchen Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

If you don’t have enough storage space

Having a hobby of cooking and more time in the kitchen needs to have enough storage. To store kitchen appliances, extras, and other kitchen materials. If you don’t feel like you have enough storage space, you can provide a multifunctional rack so that it can be used to the maximum. But if the kitchen can’t accommodate it, you can use a hanger on the wall for extra furniture.

Due to these storage limitations, the design of the kitchenette often looks messy because it does not have adequate storage location. Whereas even if you have a small kitchen design, with the right setup, you can have a spacious top storage cabinet, which is important you have to be careful in maximizing the space.

Here are some storage ideas that you should try in your kitchenette design:

  • Take advantage of the corner of the kitchen with a special triangular drawer or cabinet in your kitchenette design.
  • Use a kitchen organizer that can be affixed to the inner wall of the cabinet or additional shelves. For example, to store clean equipment.
  • Maximize storage on the small kitchen design by making the kitchen cabinet touch the ceiling of the house. Also prepare a small chair to help reach easily.
  • Looking for secret gaps that can be utilized, such as kitchen seasoning hangers or multifunctional hooks for cooking utensils.

If kitchen cabinets are ineffective

Cabinets can serve as the most effective storage space, but should be arranged more carefully. If the cabinets aren’t big enough, too high, have odd stacking shelves, or insufficient quantities, then it’s time to maximize everything in the kitchen.

For example, the wall on the stove, put a rack for seasoning, until it provides a bulkhead for storage cabinets of too large size. So it can hold more items than ever before.

If the fridge is always full

Kitchen storage solutions for small spaces if the fidge is always full

The fridge that is always full is a big problem because if you take out one of them will make it wasted. Therefore, the first thing to do is to double check everything in the refrigerator. Discard if you feel like you can no longer be consumed or stored. Then add some containers and arrange according to type.

Store above the window

Homekitchenmagazine Lovers which have a kitchen with limited space, every inch are certainly important for storage.

A simple shelf above the window can be an option to make room for your plates, bowls and glasses.

Add Rack to Backsplash

Awkward corners in the kitchen can be maximized by adding storage space.

One of them with the presence of glass shelves tucked under the cupboard and make room to store glassware.

Hanging plate rack

Plate racks and pot racks show off a collection of kitchen appliances while making them easy to pick up.

Homekitchenmagazine Lovers can put frequently used items in them.

If you don’t have a pantry

Pantry can store all sorts of items, but generally cannot be used to store flour, sugar, cornstarch, cereals, spices, and other ingredients. This is because it has no special place. However, it can be overcome by making shelves in cabinets or on walls. This helps fill the void so that the kitchen looks more organized.

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