Organize kitchen to be safe for the elderly

Organize Kitchen to be Safe for the Elderly

Organize Kitchen to be Safe for the Elderly – Some of you must have the invite parents or in-laws live with at home considering their age who are no longer young. Your concern if they live alone makes you choose to live not far away even live at home with them. However, invite parents or grandparents who are very old age should also consider the condition of the House, especially the kitchen. This kitchen conditions safe for the elderly.

Organize Kitchen to be Safe for the Elderly

Sufficient lighting.

Kitchen lighting
Kitchen lighting

Although during the day do not use the lights, you should make sure the kitchen has enough lighting. Because the kitchen area tends to be the most mess at home. You do not want to, right, Your parents or in-laws wrong grabbing goods due to can not see the surroundings clearly.

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Always clean the kitchen floor.

Clean kitchen floor
Clean kitchen floor

After you cook, or at least three times a week, you have to clean the kitchen, especially the floor. Make sure there is no residual flour, used oil, or leftover food stuck in the floor, which will cause the floor to become slippery. Because the majority of the elderly are glad to use the slippers in the House, so it will be slippery if touching the leftover food or grease on the floor.

Use the timer on the stove.

Stove timer
Stove timer

If the elderly are accustomed to use warm water for bathing and cooking water themselves, use a timer for your stove because they’re easy to forget with what is being done. In addition, you also have to keep sharp objects out of the places that often visited as a dining table in the kitchen.

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Put items in kitchen cabinets.

Where to put things in your kitchen - organize kitchen to be safe for the elderly
where to put things in your kitchen

Don’t let the unused goods while it was strewn on the kitchen table. Then don’t save things that are not dealing with a kitchen in the kitchen, for example, you save a pile of old newspaper — because it is often used as a base while cutting fruit. Wherever possible a kitchen must remain roomy to facilitate their moving and not stumble.

Prepare a meal at the dinner table.

To facilitate their taking food, should always provide elderly food at the dinner table. This is to make it easy for them no longer have to look for it around the kitchen.

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Differentiate the type of cutlery.

Use melamine tableware that does not easily break and not slippery for the elderly. Put on the shelves that are easy to grasp and they saw. While far away cutlery is sleek and easy to break out of the other shelves. You must use the dispenser is equipped with safety key for hot water.

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