Small dining room ideas
Small Dining Room Ideas

7 Small Dining Room Ideas

Small Dining Room Ideas – As one of the most important rooms in the house, the existence of dining room becomes mandatory to be considered. Not only about design, color scheme, concept, until the decoration of the dining room should be carefully selected, especially if your house is classified as small.

The design of the dining room must be made as comfortable and beautiful as possible so that the residents can enjoy the food well, despite the small size. Well, for those of you who have a tiny dwelling, certainly have to think extra and creatively so that the furniture used does not take up much space.

One of the tricks to master the small dining room is the arrangement. How do you set up a small dining room optimally?

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Small Dining Room Ideas

If you still don’t find inspiration for your favorite dining room design, check out the following.

Space design with all-round furniture.

The first Small Dining Room Ideas is space design with all-round furniture. For your little family, the use of furniture such as stool table and chairs is the best choice. The round shape makes it quite space saving. You can put on the corner of the dining room. Avoid using seats with backrest as it will make the room design look full. For a dining table, it would be great if there is a shelf at the bottom so as to put the cutlery.

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Japanese-style chairs and tables.

Japanese minimalist interior style can be the best interior concept choice for the dining room. Japanese style with simple and minimalist use of furniture, such as table chairs that have short legs, become one clever trick decorating. The use of Japanese-style furniture is also guaranteed to not burden the dining room capacity with limited space.

Use a long bench.

For dining room design problems, you should not always use a seat unit that can only be used one person, you can make a slight change in the seat, namely using a long bench with a style of picnic in the garden.

Use unique Furniture.

The dining room is also not necessarily monotonous, you can use a unique furniture. One is with the use of sofas. Using the sofa, the dining room will feel more comfortable and attractive.

Take advantage of the Wall Maximum in the Dining Room.

The walls should also be maximized, but do not overdo it because later the impression that we will be able to even make the dining room seem narrow. In addition to the shelves, giving a sweet dining room decoration on the wall can also optimize your small dining room. For example, you can add favorite wall hangings, paintings, or wall lamps for a warm sense of dining space.

Dining Room Paint Color options.

To be able to display, a comfortable and spacious atmosphere in a small room, the choice of color is a decisive factor. Small dining room design with a choice of dominant white color schemes can give birth to a wide and spacious impression. The white color is also a color that is easily combined with other colors. This choice of neutral colors is very good when combined with calm muted colors.

Small dining room and simple kitchen design.

Combining a dining room with a kitchen not only helps you save space and make your small dining room appear wider, but it will also help you reduce your budget. By implementing an open design without the divider, this will make the small dining room more spacious.

You can also save your budget by reducing the use of room decor. Simply apply some interior design, but the feel can be felt in two rooms that have different functions and activities.

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