Minimalist dressing table ideas
Minimalist Dressing Table Ideas

8 Minimalist Dressing Table Ideas In Narrow Rooms

Minimalist Dressing Table Ideas – Arranging a narrow room is easy. Limited space makes us have to be careful in choosing furniture to make the room look neat and spacious, one of which is the dressing table. Even though the rooms are cramped, you can still have a dressing table. The key is the selection of a minimalist and multifunctional dressing table. Here are the minimalist dressing table inspirations suitable for cramped rooms.

Minimalist Dressing Table Ideas

Minimalist wooden dressing table with iron frame

A dressing table with wood materials and a sleek iron frame can be an option to decorate a narrow room. This dressing table has a large round mirror that can support dress up activities. In addition, there are also two stacking drawers that you can use to store your makeup equipment.

Multifunctional study desk, able to apply makeup

Dressing table and study table?

Why not? You can make it dual function.

When you want to learn, all you have to do is close it.

And when it is used to make up yourself, you just have to open the lid.

There’s glass behind the counter too, so you’ll get easier when you’re on the table.

Multifunctional dressing table 2 in 1

The use of multifunctional furniture is one way to organize a narrow room. With this multifunctional table you will get a spacious dressing table as well as a work desk. When you want to dress up, you just have to open this table, it will look like a mirror and a fairly spacious storage area. When you’re dressing up, the table can be closed again and you also have a work desk ready to use.

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Compact Minimalist Dressing Box

For cramped spaces, compact furniture that can be scaled down or stored when not in use is very useful. The minimalist dressing table can also be made into compact furniture so that it does not take up much space in your residence, you know.

The trick is simple, just put a hinge on a wooden board the size of a dressing table and give it a mirror. This mirror can be closed when the dressing table is not used so that this dressing table can be used for other activities. To keep it quiet, add some decor around your dressing table.

Floating table for makeup

Floating table with functional chairs.

For those of you who want to design a table like this, just take advantage of the empty side your room.

Then use a floating wall dressing table and glass attached also to the wall.

The seats can also be opened and closed.

When you want to use, you can cover it with pads.

When opened, you can use it as a basket.

Floating dressing table between two windows

An empty gap between the two windows can be used to put a dressing table. To be more compact, choose a patching rack instead of a table. Complete your dressing area with a large mirror on the wall and chairs that match the interior in your room.

Minimalist dressing table with patches in the corner

Maximize the corner area of your room with an L-shaped two-stacked floating dressing table made following the shape of the room wall. Add a large mirror and some wooden posters to make this corner even prettier.

A Combination Tables and Mirrors for a Simple Minimalist Dressing Table

Presenting a dressing table does not always have to be a complicated design. Simply use a mirror on the wall and give a simple table, then you can already make one corner of the room into an area to dress up and tidy up.

You can play with shapes to avoid the monotonous impression of this simple / minimalist dressing table design such as round mirrors and elongated tables, or vice versa.

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