Fast growing houseplants
Fast Growing Houseplants

10 Choice of Fast Growing Houseplants

The Choice of Fast Growing Houseplants – If you are one of those who want ornamental plants to grow quickly, there are a number of types of plants that you can choose. What are some?

Caring for houseplants requires patience and accuracy in order for plants to thrive.

On the other hand, sometimes there are people who are impatient when caring for houseplants.

Some people want the houseplants to grow quickly. Whereas there are types of ornamental plants that are slow growing.

If you are one of those who want ornamental plants to grow quickly, choose the following types of plants.

Choice of Fast Growing Houseplants

Pothos (Betel ivory)

This one vine is growing very fast. Dubbed devil’s ivy, betel ivory can grow substantially in just a few weeks.

Betel ivory or pothos prefer shady conditions. For maximum plant growth, flush the surface of the soil when it begins to dry out.


Marigold is one of Fast Growing Houseplants. Marigolds or tagetes include ornamental plants that are easy to maintain and fast growing. This orange flower can beautify the yard of your house.

You do not need to think about what special media should be used to plant marigolds. This is because marigold houseplants can grow in different types of soil. Marigolds just need regular watering.

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Royal palm

Tired of small flowering plants? You can also plant ornamental plants that are quite high in the yard. One of them is the royal palm ornamental plant.

Royal palm is easy to plant and has rapid growth. Royal Palm ornamental plants only need enough sunlight.


A wide variety of ferns including maidenhair ferns grow quickly. The key is to make sure the soil on which the fern grows never really dries.

Most ferns prefer to grow in damp, shady conditions, with little or no direct sunlight.


Next, there is the Syngonium plant that also grows. Usually when this plant is purchased, Syngonium is short but dense in size.

Just like betel ivory, Syngonium is a vine. To make this plant grow to the top, give it a support.

If you feel that the appearance of this plant is very dense and extends to the side, the plant can be cut as desired.

Purslane flowers

Want a pretty plant for hanging pots and fast growing? Purslane flowers can be a very appropriate choice. This plant can quickly grow its roots only with stem cuttings. You can simply stick the stem in the ground and the Purslane flowers will grow and bloom. This plant is very diligent in flowering and there are a variety of colors that can make your home look more beautiful.


Choise of fast growing houseplants

Another type of ornamental plant that is easy to plant and fast growing is euphorbia. This plant is more recommended to be planted outdoors. There are many variants that you can choose from with different colors and types of petals. This type of plant is very easy to care for and can beautify the yard.


This ornamental plant grows quickly as long as it is well watered. Also, make sure the hibiscus plants get enough light.

Proper care not only makes hibiscus thrive, but also produces beautiful blooming flowers.

Spider plants

These houseplants grow very quickly and easily multiply. The way of care is to flush when the surface of the soil looks dry.

Then position the plant in a place that is not exposed to much direct sunlight for the best growth.


Succulent plants such as Aloe Vera grow quite quickly. This plant also does not require complicated care.

Put the plant in a place of a lot of light so that it quickly grows and forms a seedling at the base of the plant.

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