How to build a carport yourself

5 Easy Tips – How To Build a Carport Yourself

How To Build a Carport Yourself – If you have a vehicle, then it should be Your dwelling has a carport to store your vehicle. But the carport is now not only used to protect vehicles from all weathers but also serves to increase the aesthetics of your dwelling.

Moreover, its position which has always been in front of the House, which became part of the look of the facade of the House. Therefore, it is important to design a carport with a good view. Check out the following tips How to build a carport yourself in order for Your carport look beautiful and still functional.

How To Build a Carport Yourself

Customize with home view.

The first thing you should notice is the alignment. Create a carport in harmony with the design of your home. Do not let contradictions of the style or concept. For example, if your home is modern, minimalist concept, don’t make a carport roof design with traditional carved wooden design.

Balanced proportions.

The carport designs often seize the size of the facade to close the look of the house. Therefore, it is important for you to pay attention to the proportions of the carport. Avoid designs material using solid carport. Designed to make it more open carport, for example, using transparent material for the roof. Or, make the roof partition model is aperture so it looks more open.

Do not create a monotone design.

Most people design a carport with a ‘roughing’ design that seems monotonous. In fact, you can just design the carport with an interesting and unique form. For example, by glass openings on the right and left side. Or use a roof that can be opened and closed. It can also add decorations with vines to make it look more beautiful.

Prioritize functionality.

Always prioritize functions above all else. Make sure the size of Your carport is sufficient for the minimum limit of the vehicle. To accommodate one car and one motorcycle at least required a minimum area of 3 × 5 meters. If you have more than one vehicle, just multiply the size of a number of your vehicle.

Notice the carport floor.

Select the best material for Your carport floor. Natural stone, concrete, and ceramic are three materials that are quite popular with its superiority. Natural stone and concrete in addition to quick dry from wet, also sturdy to withstand vehicle weight.. You can add a grass or small trench to prevent puddles. While ceramics have the texture and patterns are more diverse, so that it can make the carport look more interesting. You can choose a rough ceramic texture to avoid slippery when exposed to water.

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Thank you very much for reading How to build a carport yourself in order for Your carport look beautiful and still functional. Hopefully useful.

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