Japanese living room
Japanese Living Room

10 Japanese Living Room Interior Design Ideas

Japanese Living Room Interior Design Ideas – The guest is king, so like our king, it is appropriate to provide comfort to the guests who come to our house. No matter how big of the living room we have we have obliged to make it feel comfortable to be occupied.

Have a living room that is different from the others, of course everyone’s wishes. A lot of people are designing living rooms by adopting styles from different countries such as Japan. Some of the living room design of a Japanese living room that we will present below is very unique and also worth for you to try.

We certainly all know how important this room will be. The room that is often used as a space to entertain guests should be in every home. But, of course, not every house owner has enough space to make a living room that is wide and large.

Japanese Living Room Ideas.

Basically the Japanese living room is more similar to the minimalist style living room. Not much of the furniture used to decorate this room. Like with the color used. There are only three colors in this living room, namely black, white, or brown. These three colors are often found in Japanese-style rooms.

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With carpet, some seat cushions and also a long-sized wooden table at its center, the living room of Japanese-style has received a visit.

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Chair with a backrest.

Not only seat cushions, you can also use a chair with a backrest that makes your living room more comfortable.

Seated pillow.

You can also select a seated pillow. For example, a cushion sits with a section in the middle to support the buttocks so that it is more freely occupied. Also with an interesting motif.

Living room design without chairs with Bean Bag.

The bean bag is suitable as furniture for the living room without a seat, because it is very comfortable to be occupied. In addition, this bean bag can be shaped as you want, so it can give extra comfort to the living room in your home.

Bean bag itself is a seat that resembles a large sack that is soft because it is filled with polystyrene or Styrofoam granules. This Bean bag has no frame, so it is very comfortable to be occupied.

Use podium.

In order not to be very under-grounded, you can use the podium to put a seated pillow and the required table.

Narrow Living room Arrangement (6 tatami).

The key layout in the narrow living room is on the placement of the sofa. The Sofa can be placed in the corner of the room or placed one of the broadest positions straight without disturbing the outgoing and incoming traffic.

Use minimalist furniture.

Usually Japanese style living room only uses a low table, while seated with carpet or pedestal. If you want to use a seat, use a low seat with no backrest, can be square or rectangular with a foam mat on top. You can choose a low-seat design with a backrest, but keep the natural wood color of the seats or other furniture.


Use ceramic with colors that match with furniture inside the living room interior. For Japanese style room, use ceramic floor living room Model with wooden motif to create a traditional impression.

Use white curtain.

Use a white-colored curtain to reinforce the Japanese-style character of your living room and avoid using colorful curtains.


There is even a living room that uses only two colors, namely brown and black color. Another combination of color that can be selected is brown, Red, and black. But the mandatory color in a Japanese living room is a dark brown of wooden elements.

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