Grey living room
Grey Living Room

6 Grey Living Room Design Ideas

Grey Living Room Design Ideas – Color selection is one of the important elements in the interior design of the house because the colors can create a soothing atmosphere, calming and inspiring for the occupants.

Well, living room is the first space that is memorable for the guests and relatives who come. To do so, customizing the home theme with the living room color is a must-do. Then, is the gray color boring?, just think again. Odilon Redon, a French painter once said that grey is the soul of all colors. So, Gray can be the right choice for your living room color.

Many consider if the gray color is a dull, gloomy color and negatively impact. Therefore, gray color is often avoided as the primary choice of interior color. In fact, the assumption is not appropriate. The gray color does not have such a bad impression.

There are a wide range of shades of gray, ranging from soft pale dove and Sofe stone, to striking dark steel and French gray. Basically, gray color can be memorable modern, industrial and romantic. You can customize it with the living room design according to taste.

Shades of gray are close to black, such as the color of charcoal and slate, can evoke a beautiful style if combined with striking colors such as yellow or thick orange. While the pale gray color like silver or dark gray, it will look beautiful if applied with natural materials and soft texture. So… Gray is a cool color.

Applying the colors of the room with shades of gray is often considered to be one of the color alternatives that depict masculine impressions. But apparently in addition to the masculine impression, gray color also appropriately applied to the room with various design concepts.

The reason, gray color is one of the colors that is quite neutral and easy to blend with various interior design concepts and easy to match with other colors.

Grey Living Room Design Ideas.

Here are the Grey Living Room Design Ideas.

Dramatic contrast.

The color of the pop that looks contrasting with the gray color, becomes more and more noticeable and surprising interior design concept of the living room. Not only gives freshness to the concept of the room, but the contrasting colors can also be a focal point of the living room that is dominated with gray color.

Lighting for Interior with gray color options.

Good and fit colors present from proper lighting. Make sure the lighting source doesn’t just come from one part. But try to make it spread all over the space. With such, the grey color used as the main color scheme will not look dull and gloomy.

Light green Detail.

If you are not too brave to change the living room to be dominated by green color, just give the green touch that steals the attention. Like through the pillows to put on the gray sofa. You can also artwork with green or candle details as well as other decorations.

Motif Games.

Grey color is indeed a ‘ safe ‘ color of the wall paint, sofas, and other furniture in the living room. Well, if this color is already very prominent, try adding Green shades on the carpet section. Not just a plain carpet, but also a uniquely patterned. It will definitely add a warm and playful impression in the living room.

Traditional style.

Traditional doesn’t have to be boring. Give the fresh impression of your living room on the window curtain. This will be balanced with the color of the walls. The yellow pillow will complement the brightness of this living room.

Matching combinations.

The yellow butter and gray is capable of calm and cool flavor. Flower pattern wallpaper features and furniture that is compatible with white painted windows. Contrast-colored pillows complement the modern look.

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