Eclectic living room design ideas
Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

5 Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas – Presenting comfort of the living room certainly becomes the dream of every homeowner. The family room is a communal area to build bonds and closeness among fellow residents.

Family room decoration is able to provide psychological impact on its occupants, the selection of furniture and also the proper arrangement of the shared space is a very decisive level of comfort as well as aesthetic levels of the Interior.

However, creating an attractive and enjoyable family room is not a matter of interior aesthetics, but also a matter of functions and especially aspects of psychology. Presenting a personal element can be one of the moves you can try to use.

Eclectic Living Room Design Ideas

Stylish Attractive Accents.

To realize the eclectic concept and achieve that balance, it does not mean the family room is completely rearranged or replacing old furniture with new ones. But it can be by retaining existing furniture and combined with different designs and styles. That way, both the elements of one room and another support and complement each other.

Exposed brick wall Material with an unfinished style with a white paint, will look more stylish and attractive after putting a set of modern sofa sets. Although it has a different design style, both the wall area and the sofa form a unity that makes the family room look more attractive. Modern effects can be strengthened through the design and color options of a contrasting sofa coating material.

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Perfecting the aesthetic element in the living room like installing a wall painting and presenting a pillow sofa coated in different shades will reinforce the eclectic concept. Adding some ornaments, such as ornamental plants, standing lamps and accessories made of different materials into individual accents makes the space feel more enjoyable.

Stone, wood and leather.

A good combination of materials will always look free. For an eclectic look, you may, at first, think about avoiding this. However, combinations such as stone walls, which are installed on beams or wooden floors often look unplanned, but work together. This is especially the case if your wood has an untreated finishing touch or its shape maintains its natural condition.

Add to the mixture a few leathers, perhaps as an option for your furniture coatings, and you have three material elements that work independently from each other but synchronously. If you don’t have stone walls, why not fabricate the look with some stone textured pillows?

Colorful eclectic living room.

Choosing an eclectic interior design style means you can freely combine shapes, models, textures, and colors in one idea or interior scheme. The appearance of an eclectic living room will also look very stylish and rich in color as well as the texture of a combination and combining more than one design style as mentioned.

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Wall decorations in an eclectic living room.

Eclectic is a style of design that is known to be crowded and colorful in the use of various decorative elements. One of them is to decorate the walls of the living room by placing many artistic displays.

Use a carved or plain gold-colored or silver frame to bring out an eclectic impression that is strong in the room.

Mash Up Color.

An eclectic living room will always be an eye catching and to attract attention to lengthen your color palette from which you will usually bind yourself. White walls and ceiling give you a blank canvas to add some eclectic colors.

Try some pink color and set red against brown color. If you add an artwork that ties your eclectic color scheme together in one place, then it’s surprising what you can spend in the entire room. This is the ideal face if you like to buy vintage furniture pieces that are sometimes inappropriate.

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