How to make a room without windows brighter
How To Make a Room Without Windows Brighter

How To Make a Room Without Windows Brighter With 8 Easy Tips

How To Make a Room Without Windows Brighter – A room without light or minimal light is a problem in arranging the house. In addition to making visibility limited, dark rooms also affect a person’s mood when resting or working.

There are several causes that make the room dark. For example, the absence of windows, gaps, or the wrong position of the room so as to inhibit incoming light.

How to make the room brighter not only have to make windows or install doors with ventilation.

The room can be made brighter with the addition of some home décor equipment. Then, how?

There are several ways to make a room bright without windows. Check out the following:

How To Make a Room Without Windows Brighter

Using Glass Doors and Translucent Furniture

Replacing the use of wooden doors with glass can be one of the right solutions to overcome windowless occupancy. Glass has transparent properties that are able to make light can enter easily into the room without windows. This will automatically make the room brighter. You can also use translucent furniture. This furniture will easily reflect the incoming light source. In addition, the use of translucent furniture can also make the appearance of the room more attractive and artistic.

Installing a Large Mirror

The most effective and easy decorating tips to make a windowless room brighter is to install some beautiful large mirrors. This mirror will later make the room become brighter, not only that the room will also look wider. Choose a unique and beautiful type of mirror frame so that the room also looks more beautiful. You can use a mirror with a frame made of wood or aluminum with a shiny color such as silver.

Buy light furniture.

Most people are hesitant to buy something white for their home, but it’s the thing to do when you’re working in a windowless room. By adding long white sofas and accent cabinets next to each other, you can make the walls look taller and wider, which makes the room feel bigger and a little brighter automatically.

Give a supportive color

Not forever should the room be bright. Give a pop of color to turn more space on.

Load on lighting

Without windows, you have to make your own light. So do not be afraid to overdo the use of many lights. When the living room has only one lamp, overhead and skylights do not always provide the sunlight needed.

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Using Glossy Finishing

Choosing the right color is usually enough to make a room look beautiful and bright.

However, this does not apply to windowless rooms.

You are advised to use a satin, semi gloss, or high-gloss finish that is shiny or reflective.

As a result, the light will reflect in the corners of the room and make a bright effect on it.

Another benefit of using finishing, you do not need to bother cleaning the walls when the surface is stained you know!

Because the surface is already smooth, the stain that sticks can be directly wiped using a wet cloth.

Use Light Colored Wall Paint

Brightly colored walls paints are very effectively used to create a brighter interior impression. Because, this color is able to reflect the beam of light, not absorb it. You can apply white with different shades so as not to be boring, for example bluish white, reddish white, greenish white, yellowish white, or brownish white. Choose white shades that best match your family character and the characteristics of the house building. In addition to the walls, do not forget to apply this whiteness color on the floor and ceiling as well.

Choose a Closet Without Doors

Did you know, closet without doors can add depth to a room. So that the room will look more spacious thanks to the view of the pseudo-room produced from inside the closet. To maximize the bright impression it causes, fill the closet with items that are white or transparent.

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