How to store chillies for longer time
How To Store Chillies For Longer Time

6 Tips – How To Store Chillies For Longer Time

How To Store Chillies For Longer Time so it does not rot quickly need to apply. This is certainly not just storing it in the fridge without proper handling. Indeed, many people keep chili in the refrigerator to be more durable.

However, if too long put in the refrigerator, chili pepper can change shape. The most common problem is that chili pepper is easy to dry even rot. This is because the cold refrigerator temperature often makes chili will be quick to dry, especially if left open.

How To Store Chillies For Longer Time to avoid rotten quickly is very easy to apply. You just need to prepare the container first before storing. Also, follow other chili storage steps to make chili pepper can be more durable.

How To Store Chillies For Longer Time

Stored in the refrigerator

Chili Peppers if stored in the refrigerator can last five to six days.

If stored at room temperature, chili pepper only lasts about two days. However, it can be less than two days if the humidity in the room is relatively high.

Chili pepper can last for five to six days in the refrigerator, with the condition of the refrigerator temperature maintained at five degrees Celsius.

If cold temperature is controlled and stable, it will avoid evaporation and also reduce decay time.

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Do not wash the chili

Chili pepper stored in the refrigerator must be in fresh condition. Separate the fresh chili from the rotten Chili Peppers.

In addition, in order to last longer when stored in the refrigerator, chili pepper should not be washed first.

Do not be washed because moisture content will accelerate the moisture that causes easy decay, inserted into a plastic container with coated paper and close the meeting.

Remove The Chili Stem

How To Store Chillies For Longer Time so as not to foul quickly you can see from the beginning when buy it. The freshness of chili pepper will certainly be awake longer if from the beginning there are no defects. After making sure that the chili you buy is a quality chili and still smooth, you just have to separate the chili pepper from its stem. It is important to keep the chili as durable as it is stored.

Store in closed containers

The next way How To Store Chillies For Longer Time is to prepare a sealed container. Before inserting the chili pepper into the container, you need to give the tissue base at the bottom and around the inner container.

It is certainly very useful to make chili more durable. In this case, you also need to check it. If the tissue feels a bit wet, you can replace it with a new dry tissue.

After that, you just have to enter all the chili pepper you want to store in the container. Make sure that the chili pepper wants to be stored in the container is not too full so the chili is not damaged.

Wrap with dry tissue and put garlic

How to store chillies for longer time with garlic

The way of storing chili peppers in the refrigerator is to use an airtight container.

Before, do not wash chili pepper and do not pick the stem.

Cover in a container with dry tissues, put one grain of fresh garlic, then put the chili.

This can make chili last for up to three months. Tissue is advised to be diligently replaced.

Do not mix chili pepper with other kitchen spices

When storing chili peppers in the refrigerator, do not just put them next to other products.

It suggests not to store chili peppers adjacent to dairy products, such as milk, eggs, and cheese.

Because the product will absorb the aroma of chili so the aroma of chili will stick firmly.

Meanwhile, it is advisable to keep chillies not adjacent to other fresh vegetables.

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When the chili is damaged and adjacent to other vegetables, it can damage or affect the aroma of other vegetables.

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