Deck lighting ideas
Deck Lighting Ideas

5 Unique and Aesthetic Deck Lighting Ideas for Beautiful Exteriors

Deck lighting ideas, what are the best to choose? The presence of a deck can just make your home exterior look more interesting and attractive. It functions just like a patio, a house terrace, or a balcony where you and your family can gather there.

Sure, you should design the deck well also. One of them is by providing a lighting idea to brighten up the area at night. There are so many great lighting ideas for the deck you can choose. Some of them are explained below. Check them out.

Unique and Aesthetic Deck Lighting Ideas for Beautiful Exteriors

Unique and aesthetic deck lighting ideas

Path Lighting Ideas

Path lighting is a kind of lighting intended for home exterior. Yes, this idea is more often to see in the home gardens. Commonly, the lamps are in the form of sticks that are installed vertically on the ground. You need some lamps to light up and decorate the garden in the idea of path lighting.

With the same concept, path lighting ideas is great for your decks. You can install around 5-7 path lighting sticks on the edge of the deck. Since they are placed on the ground, you still need other lightings on the ceiling. Choose a simple LED one that is not too bright anyway.

Down LED Lighting Ideas

Particularly if you prefer modern deck lighting ideas, the down LED lighting is the best choice. Just like the name, the lighting is installed at the height with radiation that is directed to the ground. With the right placements, this idea is not only good to provide more comfortable radiation but also unique and aesthetic senses.

The lighting ideas are to highlight stuff placed right under the lamp. Therefore, if you want to install the down LED lamps on the deck, make sure to put some ornaments under them. They can be plants, flowers, and others.

Spot Lighting Ideas

Spot  lighting gives a unique vibe to the exterior. The radiation tends to be narrow and it is only focused on a certain spot or area. This way, it provides a more seamless sense to the deck if you are installing the lamp there. Spotlights are great to install on the edge of the deck in a row.

Sure, it is possible to place them in the middle, just make sure that they don’t disturb people when walking. Spot lighting ideas are available in many colors. Choose one of them that is in line with the theme of your deck or home exterior.

Shadow Lighting

One of the most popular low voltage LED deck lighting ideas is shadow lighting. In the shadow lighting idea, the lamps are covered by caps with patterns to form shadows outside. Yes, this idea is indeed focused on the beauty of the result.

Besides, although it doesn’t highlight one particular object, the shadows produced have been really beautiful. It just makes your deck atmosphere look more romantic. Shadow lighting has so many types and variants whether they are placed on the floor or on the wall. The shadows are produced in the media where the lamps are installed.

Simple LED Deck and Step Lights

Some simple LED lights with low brightness can be installed on the wall of the deck and stairs sequentially. The design should be simple since it is indeed not the main focus. The light and radiation are the most important things here.

Commonly, this type of lighting is installed to show the details and architecture ideas of the exterior. Since simple LED deck and step lights are installed in the lower area, you still need to provide other types of lighting to place on the ceiling. One or two are enough to enrich and support the simple LED deck lighting ideas.

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