How to store oyster mushrooms in fridge
How To Store Oyster Mushrooms In Fridge

9 Tips – How To Store Oyster Mushrooms In Fridge

How To Store Oyster Mushrooms In Fridge – How to store oyster mushrooms should be considered so durable. As one of the most popular food ingredients, the mushroom is susceptible to damage when stored in damp and wet areas. The carelessly storage can even make it filled with bacteria.

Oyster mushroom itself is a food ingredient that can be processed into a variety of good food. Moreover, this oyster mushroom also contains a variety of nutrients that are good for health. In addition, the price is also quite affordable to make it more popular.

How to store oyster mushroom can use a refrigerator to support its durability. Before storing it, you need to do some storage tips in advance so that the mushroom stays durable and not rot quickly.

How To Store Oyster Mushrooms In Fridge

Here are from various sources on how to store oyster mushrooms in fridge.

Choose Oyster mushroom that is fresh-picked and the quality is good

How to store oyster mushrooms in fridge - fresh and good quality

When buying oyster mushrooms, choose the oyster mushroom that is still new and the quality is good. The still good oyster mushroom usually looks fresh and secretes a typical mushroom scent.

Clean the root part of oyster mushroom

Once in the house, clean the root part of the oyster mushroom. Cut the mushroom roots that look moist, wet and dirty.

No need to wash

Before storing oyster mushrooms, we recommend that mushrooms should not need to be washed first. Washing mushrooms will precisely make the mushrooms quick to rot and damaged.

Clean with knife or tissues

If it is not washable, then can the oyster mushroom be stored like that?

Well, though not washable, but oyster mushroom remains to be cleaned from the stain sticking.

The trick is to wipe the stain on the mold with tissue until clean.

But if there are stains that do not disappear by wipe, it can be cut with a knife.

Cut it thinly until the stain disappears.

Be sure it’s clean, because the stain that is still sticking can make the mushroom rot when stored.

Wrap with airtight plastic

You can immediately separate the oyster mushroom that will be used with the one to be stored. For the stored, the way to keep the oyster mushroom to last longer is to wrap it using airtight plastic.

Avoid storing it in paper bags

When storing mushrooms, as much as possible to avoid storing them in paper bags. The reason is, it will make oyster mushrooms more easily rot and contaminated with paper.

Store more than two mushrooms

If you store more than two mushrooms in one bag, layer the tissue for each tub to make the water vapor released by the mushroom to be absorbed by the tissues well. Don’t forget to change the tissue every 3 to 5 days. In this way, the mushrooms can last up to two weeks in good condition.

Store in refrigerator

After applying all steps above, the next way to store oyster mushroom is to put it in the refrigerator. Mushrooms that have been stored in a plastic bag or a sealed container can then be stored at room temperature or in the refrigerator.

For mushroom stored at room temperature can last up to 1 to 2 days. As for mushrooms in the refrigerator can last up to 1 week.

In addition, it is also worth remembering that mushrooms have easily absorbed the aroma of other foods that are nearby. Therefore, you should avoid storing mushrooms near durian, celery, onions, and other pungent foods so as not to affect the taste.

In addition, the mushroom should not be stored in conjunction with other foodstuffs in a narrow container. The soft mushroom texture makes it easy to dent when stacked with other harder and heavier foodstuffs.

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Mushrooms can also be frozen in the raw state and thaw before use. Soak the mushroom package in ordinary water, the mushroom can be immediately processed into soup or other menus. Mushrooms that have been stirring-fried can also be frozen and stored in an airtight container, the durability can reach one month.

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How to store oyster mushrooms to Last Up to a Week

  1. Don’t wash it
  2. Wrapped with paper
  3. Stored in a closed container
  4. Oyster mushroom storage temperature

As previously stated, oyster mushrooms must be processed immediately. Or if not, this mushroom must be stored at the right temperature to make it last longer. The recommended storage temperature for oyster mushrooms is around 0-10 degrees Celsius.

The lower the temperature, the more durable the oyster mushrooms will be. However, oyster mushrooms should never be stored below freezing. Because, this can cause damage to oyster mushrooms because the storage temperature is too cold.

If stored in the refrigerator, oyster mushrooms can last up to one week. Don’t forget to always check the container and the tissue base. Change the tissue regularly, especially if it gets dripped by refrigerator water. Even if only a little, but the water can reduce the shelf life of oyster mushrooms and make them rot quickly.

Oyster Mushroom Storage FAQ

How long can oyster mushrooms be stored in the refrigerator?

Oyster mushrooms stored at room temperature can last one to two days. Meanwhile, if stored in the refrigerator, oyster mushrooms will last up to one week. Make sure to always check the container and the tissue base.

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