How to store bananas so they last longer
How To Store Bananas So They Last Longer

9 Tips – How To Store Bananas So They Last Longer

How To Store Bananas So They Last Longer needs to be done appropriately. This is because often when you buy ripe bananas, they don’t last long. So you have to take it immediately so as not to get too fast ripe and rotten.

Banana fruit is not only cheap and easy to get, but also the fruits are rich in nutrients and it can be eaten every day. With many health benefits and good taste, there is no wonder that many are fond of this yellow fruit.

How To Store Bananas So They Last Longer can be done since you bought them. You can buy bananas that are still immature or already ripe. For the ripe, it can be eaten immediately, and the still immature can be stored first.

How To Store Bananas So They Last Longer

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Buy half ripe bananas

For you who want to keep bananas in a long time, buy bananas that were not too ripe.

To know the maturity of bananas, we can see in the middle of the banana skin.

Bananas that are half-ripe are usually yellow clean with the edges that are still green.

This will make the bananas have a longer ripe time and long lasting.

A smooth and clean banana

Good banana is a banana that is smooth and clean skin.

This means that the banana has no black spots that indicating the bananas are too ripe.

In addition, bananas that have been peeled or damaged will also be more quickly rotten because exposed to air.

Wrapped Banana Stems in Plastic

The next way How To Store Bananas So They Last Longer is to wrap the banana stem with plastic. This is because the banana fruit releases ethylene gas, which can accelerate the maturation process of the stem.

Wrapping stem with plastic can slow down the release of these ethylene. You can wrap the banana stem at once in bulk or, if you want to slow down the release of ethylene further, wrap each piece of fruit.

So, if you buy a banana one bunch, you can directly wrap the stem at once in a bunch. You can also separate the bananas, and wrap one by one each of them with plastic.

Do not expose bananas to sunlight.

In order for bananas not to rot, you should keep it away from direct sunlight. Just keep it indoors at a normal temperature so that the banana skin color does not change.

Make sure the banana gets air circulation.

If you put ripe bananas are still in the plastic of the purchase on the grounds that the banana does not rot, it is wrong. With such a banana state, then the banana does not get the air as it needs so it will make the bananas ripe and rot fast.

Store bananas by hanging

Storing bananas by hanging in order to avoid direct sunlight exposure and conditioned air circulation around bananas to slow the maturation process. The bananas are more durable and not easily rot.

Store the Banana fruit separately

How to store bananas so they last longer - store it separately

Storing bananas separately from other fruits is an attempt to prevent the spread of ethylene gas which makes the banana fruit fast ripe.

Store Bananas in room temperature

Storing the bananas properly is at room temperature. So, not at the cold temperature or directly exposed to sunlight. To make the banana through the perfect maturation process and not very fast ripe.

Do not store in the refrigerator.

The fruit stored in the refrigerator will always be fresh and long-lasting, but that way does not apply to some fruit, one of them is banana. The cold temperature in the refrigerator will make it softening and rot, so just save it at normal room temperature.

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