How to make a bookshelf from cardboard
How To Make A Bookshelf From Cardboard

2 Tips – How To Make A Bookshelf From Cardboard + VIDEO

If you have used cardboard at home, try to make a bookshelf. Instead of buying, it is better to make it yourself at home. How to make a bookshelf from cardboard is also easy.

In order to create a more robust bookshelf, choose a thicker cardboard. As for creating a regular bookshelf, use the standard cardboard boxes only. Make sure how to make a bookshelf from cardboard actually using good quality cardboard, in order to be durable.

Well, if you want to create a beautiful bookshelf, you can add gift paper or paint color to taste. When all the tools and materials have been prepared, how to make a bookshelf from cardboard can immediately be practiced. Surely this practice will hone your skills and creativity better.

Here reviewed how to create a bookshelf from cardboard from various sources,

How To Make A Bookshelf From Cardboard

Used cardboard bookshelves 

Invite your child to make use of used goods to produce interesting objects. We often ignore unused items. In fact, if we can use it well, it will create goods that have the value of the function back. Just like making use bookshelf from unused cardboard. Let’s see how it is

Tools and Materials:

  1. Used cardboard
  2. Paint
  3. Marker
  4. Paper Masking tape
  5. Cutter / Scissors.

How to make:

  1. Take the used cardboard size 30 × 50 cm and 35 × 50 cm. Attach the two boxes using glue to form half of the cube
  2. Then Reprepare 2 pieces of cardboard with a size of 35 × 30 cm, on the long part mark into 2 different parts with each size of 17.5 cm and make a dummy piece on the top of the upper part with a width of 4 cm. Paste with the upright position on the left and middle sides of the cube
  3. Re-prepare the cardboard of the same size, but do not need to divide the size into two. On the top, make an arbitrary triangle with a width of 4 cm. Paste this section to close the right side of the cube
  4. Close the top of the bookshelf using cardboard measuring 50 × 30 cm
  5. If you and your child want a rack that has a lot of partitions, then you can get through it using smaller pieces of cardboard
  6. If the entire piece of cardboard has been merged and has formed a shelf, attach the tape to each part of the cardboard to stand out more firmly
  7. Cover the entire surface of the cardboard by using glue, then layer again using paint with the color you liked and wait until it dries.

Thick Cardboard Bookshelves

How to make a bookshelf from this thick cardboard can be used to put a bigger and thicker book. Make sure when choosing cardboard, the case is really thick and strong in order not to waste it after making it.

Tools and Materials:

  • TV cardboard or refrigerator cardboard
  • Ruler
  • Cutter
  • Pencil


  1. Cut the cardboard into a rectangular shape.
  2. Create a hole with the elongated shape of the edges. Precisely close to the wide side. Make this hole using a cutter.
  3. A wide four-sided section will be used to support the interface of the bookshelf. Make sure it’s fitting and strong for the buffering.
  4. Cut with a square shape and make a hole in the inner part similar to the window.
  5. Make sure that the upper and lower side of the center is used as a buffer.
  6. Increase the top side of its little peaks. Then the bottom is covered by the same side.
  7. Create the cardboard pieces similar to the ruler. The goal is to connect a section with other parts of the bookshelf.
  8. Make an elongated hole. Make as many as four pieces on the bottom side with a cutter.
  9. Give distance to the buffer section of the interface.
  10. In the connection section make a hole elongated two pieces.
  11. Start creating with the open cardboard interface. Make it in standing or upright position.
  12. If it is already, connect the interface with a closed interface chart.
  13. Use a pre-made connecting side. Make sure the side of the face is closed, there is a distance to support the bookshelf firmly.
  14. Create a cavity with rectangular shapes like holes. The goal is to be able to connect between the shelves and it can be strong and sturdy.
  15. Create a stack that matches the pattern of the previous cardboard pieces. You can choose between creating a stacked bookshelf or not overlapping depending on your wishes.

How To Make A Bookshelf From Cardboard VIDEO

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