How to get rid of insects in house
How to get rid of insects in house

How to get rid of insects in house

It is most annoying if the insect to enter and walk in the House. Whether it’s spiders, cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes are very disturbing. Here are simple tricks How to get rid of insects in the house.

How to get rid of insects in house

Cinnamon Oil.

The mixture of cinnamon oil with water will help repel insects that entered the House. Essential cinnamon would help disrupt an Ant’s nervous system. Simply spray this oil, then the ants will get away without causing toxins in the environment around the House.

Artificial Toxins.

Combine water, sugar, and boric acid and then warms until all ingredients are dissolved. Take a cotton that is formed into small balls and then dip into the solution of homemade poison, put it on paper and put in the usual places visited by ants. This mixture will be the bait and help kill ants slowly.


How to get rid of insects in house using vinegar

Mix vinegar with water will be highly potent repel pests and ants. The aroma of the vinegar is very disliked by the ants.

Coffee grounds.

How to get rid of insects in house using coffee groun

Don’t throw away coffee grounds, as it turns out the dregs might make ants lose the scent of objects that will be targeted.

Check The Bed.

How to get rid of insects in house by clean the bed

Humid temperatures at the bottom of the mattress is a favorite spot for small insects. Make sure you regularly clean the area around the bottom of the bed, routinely change the sheets, pillow, drying and close small gaps where the insect entry.

Check The Humidity.

How to get rid of insects in house by keep humidity

High humidity is the best place of breeding insects such as mites. Make sure you always keep room temperatures and is strongly recommended for sowing mix baking soda with a few drops of essential oil on the surface of the side of the mattress. Baking soda works very well in absorbing humidity.

Clean the kitchen.

Keep clean the kitchen really help prevent insects from getting into the House. Try to clean the dirty dishes, stove and scattered food scraps. Don’t forget to always routinely throw away trash from the House of the first junk food or organic waste.

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