How to get rid of centipedes at home
How To Get Rid of Centipedes At Home

Powerful! 7 Ways How To Get Rid of Centipedes At Home

How To Get Rid of Centipedes At Home – Centipedes are one of the terrible insects for many people, especially those with insect phobia. Its appearance in the house certainly makes us worried, especially its scary shape with its long, hairy, and many-legged body.

Even so, centipedes are predators of insect pests such as cockroaches, flies, and termites. Which means, its appearance indicates that the condition of the house is dirty which attracts insects to nest.

Although not deadly, centipede bites can leave pain and prolonged pain. Moreover, some centipede stings contain poison.

Centipedes often appear during the rainy season and settle in damp and dirty places.

Now no need to worry! There are several ways How To Get Rid of Centipedes At Home. What are they? Come on, read to the end!

How To Get Rid of Centipedes At Home

1. Eliminating the centipede habitat

The first step that must be taken to eradicate the centipede is destroying its favorite habitat. Just like other insect pests, centipedes love very humid places, dark spots, such as bathrooms, basements and around pumps, gardens, even kitchens.

Therefore, clean these places regularly with disinfectant liquid and remove the remnants of garbage that has accumulated. Don’t forget to make good air circulation, such as windows or exhaust fan in bathrooms and kitchens to reduce stuffiness and humidity, due to less exposure to sunlight.

2. Cleaning drainage

The next step, you need to pay attention to the drainage and water pipes in the house periodically. Poor drainage problems and leaky pipes can certainly add to the humidity in your home, which will certainly attract the attention of centipedes in the house.

Repairing leaky pipes and maintaining drainage will certainly eradicate other insect populations, such as cockroaches, flies, and moths, thus making centipedes flee because there is no food source.

Also, don’t forget to make simple structural repairs, such as using a dehumidifier to dry out areas of the house and sealing house gaps and insect entry points with cement.

3. Using natural ingredients

You can take advantage of natural ingredients to get rid of centipedes at home, like essential oils and tea tree oil. Both of these oils contain toxins that are harmful to centipedes and are quite effective at making centipedes weaken, and even die.

The method is quite easy. Just dilute a few drops of essential oil with water in a spray bottle. Then, spray it on windows, doors, and baseboards to block out unwanted centipedes.

To prevent centipedes from nesting in the yard, diatomaceous earth and boric acid can be alternative materials as natural pesticides that are safe for plants and soil.

4. Clean drains with bleach and vinegar

Centipedes are often seen near a bathroom drains, kitchens, and even laundry areas. Therefore, you need to clean these drains regularly with some ingredients, such as bleach and vinegar.

The method is quite easy. If you’re using vinegar, pour one and a half cups of vinegar down the drain in your home and wait about 1 hour. This reaction can erode the moss and leave an unpleasant odor for the centipedes. After that, rinse again with half a cup of vinegar.

If you use bleach, you just need to mix the bleach with water in a 50:50 ratio and then flush it down the drain.

Also avoid mixing vinegar with bleach as it can form toxic chlorine gas.

5. Use insecticide

The next way to How To Get Rid of Centipedes At Home is to make your own insecticide mixture with boric acid and water.

The trick is to use a protective mask first so you don’t inhale the boric acid powder particles. Then fill the spray bottle with equal amounts of boric acid (borax) and water, shake until well blended. Finally, spray the solution into several areas where centipedes often pass, such as toilet holes, kitchen holes, and even small crevices in the house.

6. Dispose of organic waste regularly

In addition to damp places, centipedes also like organic waste such as leaves, dirt, grass clippings, or weeds. This is because organic waste can make the house damp, so the centipedes live there and lay their eggs.

Therefore, clean up organic waste regularly so that the centipede habitat does not run rampant.

7. Put the chili powder and pepper

Another effective way How To Get Rid of Centipedes At Home is to use chili powder and pepper which has a strong spicy aroma. Thus, it is very effective to eradicate centipedes from the house.

Sprinkling chili powder and pepper on a centipede’s body can cause the animal to scald and die because the powder produces an intense heat sensation. You can also sprinkle the chili and pepper in places where centipedes usually pass.

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Those are some ways How To Get Rid of Centipedes At Home that can be applied. Hopefully the tips above can be useful.

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