How often should i change my bed sheets
How often should I change my bed sheets

How often should I change my bed sheets

How often should I change my bed sheets? – How many days, weeks or months do you change your bed sheet? How about a pillow case in the house? Have you washed it and replaced it with a new one? Do you remember the last time you changed your bed sheet?

When was the last time you replaced the bed sheet and pillow case? One in 10 people said, not replacing it for more than a month. The study held in 2014 also revealed 35 percent of people claimed replacing the bed sheet and pillowcase once a week, and only 30 percent routinely washed it once a week.

The poll initiated YouGov, a research firm also showed 50 percent of people realized that the beds were dirty and unhygienic after two or three weeks of usage.

As we know, changing bed sheets are a mandatory agenda that you must do every few times. According to research, although invisible, bacteria and viruses often gather in bed linen and pillowcases.

A number of studies mentioned, humans spend a third of the total age of to sleep, including while asleep in bed or mattress. But it turns out the bed or mattress could potentially pose a danger to human health.

In General, for a year, the people secrete about 23 gallons of sweat upon sleep, be it hot or humid weather. Humidity existing in the bed linen futon mattress as a bed linen makes the ideal growth of bacteria and fungi. Based on research results, pillows, either from a goose feather or synthetic materials, in the time of 1.5 to 20 years contaminated about 10 types of fungus.

According to the Philip Tierno of the New York University School of Medicine, bed sheets that have been filled with bacteria have not only cause various diseases. Further, these bacteria will also make the bed sheets look dirty, make them uncomfortable and interfere with the quality of sleep. So, to keep the sheets clean and comfortable and away from bacteria, when is the right time to change the bed sheet?

How often should I change my bed sheets?

So, How often should I change my bed sheets?

One or two weeks is enough time to make our bed sheets contaminated bacteria, fungi, or other microbes. This condition will make you experience discomfort in the throat, especially for you who have a history of allergies.

Mary Marlowe Leverette, an expert in cloth care said, ideally, the pillow case and bed sheets are changed once a week. If the bed linings are rarely replaced, it will have a bad health impact.

According to The Sun, a woman suffering from a chronic eye itch finally discovers The cause.

Initially, she thought her itchy eyes were filled with dandruff. After having checked into the doctor, it was revealed that the woman suffered from inflammation in the eyelid area. Besides, it turns out the dandruff is mites. Look like a tick, but it turns out the mites are different types.

Her eyelashes are filled with thousands of mites, at least 10 mites per eyelash. The root cause of the terrible incident is that the patient is suspected of not washing her pillow case since 2012 (until 2017), but continue to sleep on pillows and the same bed every day.

Diseases due to rarely change of bed sheets.

The number of dead skin cells, sweat and other impurities in the bed sheets do not cover the possibility of bad bacteria. For example, fecal bacteria such as E. Coli is dangerous.

Not to mention the source of bacteria from sweat and human skin pulls dust mites to consume the dirt and multiply.

When the amount of dust mites more and more this will cause the risk of people with allergies and asthma increasing.

Even for those of you who have no history of allergies, dirty bed sheets can cause eye irritation. Eyes become red and nasal congestion when waking up.

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