Mid century modern bedroom
Mid Century Modern Bedroom

6 Simple Ideas to Remodel Your Old-Fashioned Bedroom into a Fabulous Mid Century Modern Bedroom

One of the reasons to apply a mid century modern bedroom is because of its simplicity and flexibility. You are able to mix a variety of materials and furniture to create a comfortable and fabulous bedroom at home. The list below is the example of stunning mid-century modern bedroom ideas you can try if you have a plan to remodel a bedroom.

Simple Ideas to Remodel Your Old-Fashioned Bedroom into a Fabulous Mid Century Modern Bedroom

A Bedroom with Tapered Legs

The small bedroom space is not a problem because you can still create a cozy bedroom. One of the great mid-century modern bedrooms is a bedroom with tapered legs. By using a bedstead with tapered legs, it seems that you have a floating bed. The round and slender tapered legs are a perfect option if you want to create a sleek and more open mid-century modern bedroom. As a result, you will have a spacious bedroom along with good air circulation.

A Bedroom with Natural Wood

One of the merits of mid-century modern home design is the use of natural materials including wood. This type of material was a trend in the 60s home designs. Natural wood makes the bedroom looks simple, fresh, and attractive. It is a simple idea because you don’t have to paint the bedstead. Just let the wooden bedstead natural because it has a unique pattern and color.

A Bedroom with Organic Forms

The strong characteristic of a mid century modern bedroom is the organic form of furniture. Organic form means that you let the original detail of the furniture. For example, you can add a curved line, rounded shape, and asymmetry furniture to complete the mid-century modern atmosphere. You can apply a variety of details for the bedstead, chairs, tables, cabinets, lamps, and many more. The point is applying original material.

A Bedroom with Graphic Patterns

In the case you want to use interesting furniture, you can choose furniture with graphic patterns. Graphic patterns give an outstanding look to keep you stay in the bedroom a little bit longer. You feel fresh and sleep tight with such kind of bedroom. Just remember that natural is the character of mid-century modern design. Because of that, you can choose a variety of natural patterns such as boomerangs, kidneys, starbursts, and curves.

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A Bedroom with Mix Materials

For those who love to mix and match, remodeling a bedroom with mix materials is a great idea. The interesting part is that there are several materials you can mix and match to create a mid-century modern theme. Those materials are including plywood, metal, glass, and molded plastic. Just be creative in mixing the materials to get a fabulous bedroom with a mid-century modern theme.

A Bedroom with Primary Colors               

Applying natural material doesn’t mean that you are not allowed to play with colors. The most important thing is that you know the type of colors to strengthen the mid-century modern theme. There are several primary colors which can strengthen the mid-century modern theme such as red, blue, and yellow. Moreover, you can also use more stunning colors such as brown, rust, and green. You can apply the colors for a variety of accessories including pillows, rug, painting, the bedcover, and many more.

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The point is that you can create a fantastic bedroom at home along with a mid-century modern theme. The secret is the way to mix and match the furniture, accessories, shapes, sizes, and colors. The mid-century modern bedroom ideas above are a simple way to create a comfortable bedroom. The most important thing is that you can apply those ideas whether for a small, medium, or large bedroom. In the end, you will be happy with the result because you can have an outstanding and cozy mid century modern bedroom in a short time and at an affordable cost.  

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