Decorating mistakes to avoid

22 Fatal Home Decorating Mistakes to Avoid

The decor is one of the popular topics, and this time, through this article, will be spelled out and shown the decoration included in total failure. Decorations that are not appropriate and do not represent the style of the house you want to embody include among them. What sort of characteristics that don’t include decorating into a successful d├ęcor? Here are Fatal Home decorating mistakes to avoid.

Fatal Home decorating mistakes to avoid

Fatal Home Decorating Mistakes #1: Kitchen without life

Color combination in the kitchen can be classified as a disaster. The room which has no contrast is not unsightly, so the room feels dull and has no style.

Fatal Home Decorating Mistakes #2: Keshik in bedroom

In the decoration, the first thing to understand is the proportion and lighting.

Fatal Home Decorating Mistakes #3: Be careful using ethnic decorations

When you want to include the ethnic style in home decor, be careful with the number of objects that will be placed in the room and what kind of decorations that want created. The risk of creating a mural that is too conspicuous is also too great because the view of the decor becomes more unpleasant and you have to remove it.

#4. Do not coat the walls with velvet material

Decorating the walls of the house can be an interesting addition to your home and covering the walls is one example. However, for coating materials, try not to choose a velvet material in order not to be a decorating nightmare.

#5. Exaggerating

Classic style can create elegant atmospheres when applied in appropriate doses. As the saying goes, all that is exaggerated is not good and it will be destructive, as the room looks as if out of the encyclopedia with lots of objects and the room was really crowded.

#6. The importance of choosing wall color

Wall color is a vital part of the decoration of the room that works because the color will help create a sensation of the room dimensions to suit the lighting and the feeling of the room. Colors like purple often even make the environment look dark, intense and bright colors like Orange and Green does not fit in the House.

#7. Bad decision for the ceiling

The ceiling is often overlooked in the process of decorating the home, but not to decorate the ceiling with style is too extreme.

#8. The ancient bedroom

The idea of utilizing the space dimension of the room is not new, but can only be realized with the appropriate furniture and the right color combination.

#9. Not follow any particular style or theme

Reduce the beauty of the room with the fierce colors, textures, and different patterns is a fatal error in decorating. If you want to provide an eclectic touch to your room, choose a specific theme to be embodied and select object corresponding to the style.

#10. Bad color combinations

Green color should be fresh and natural look, as well as the appropriate option is to decorate the kitchen. An error occurs when color is selected as well as the combination is with the yellow color.

#11. Recurring error

An awful lot of mistakes done in the home is pertained to decorations that use excessive, even in terms of coating the walls. The walls are coated must be measured, especially indoors. Errors in the bathroom is the presence of excessive wall design.

#12. The decor too hard with bad taste

The bedroom should have a design and decor that makes people in it feel relaxed and able to release tired.

#13. The details that give the difference

The unique details that could determine the fate of success decorating a room or not. The ornaments are mounted in the House must consider carefully, especially if expected is the original atmosphere.

#14. Bad idea

Not all combinations of decor can be successful. Although the motive of the flowers is usually able to provide a soft feminine style for decoration of the room, but when in excessive amounts and are placed in the wrong place, the result was catastrophe.

#15. Without harmony

Patterns can be an interesting touch when placement is appropriate and there are in sufficient quantities.

#16. The rooms are empty and cold

The living room is the ideal room in the House for a get together with family and spend time together. Often, the living room also become areas of the television. Therefore, avoid setting the living room that seemed empty and cold because of the far location of the television.

#17. The importance of carpet care

Carpets and various materials with patterns knitted animals does have fans and attraction. However, However, make sure the carpet you choose is not shaped like an original animal or a disaster, where the animal carpet looks like a dead animal.

#18. Much worse

A table that looks like the override and suppress the animals are sadistic.

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#19. Furniture that is not obviously pointless.

In the hall that welcomes step your feet when entering the House, you need to have a friendly and inviting impression that emanated from your interior. Avoid placement of the seats which will not be used and choose furniture that will add to the character of the room.

#20. Don’t put anything you don’t believe in.

The purpose of the decoration is to beautify the room through colors, textures and objects that are placed coordinatively. If you are not sure about the decorations that you have planned, should not impose anything you don’t believe in it or You will ruin the aesthetics of the House.

#21. Disproportion

Proportion and balance are the key to successful decorating and ignore this could create chaos. An excessive mural collides with spills, curtains and pads, and ends up creating something unsightly.

#22. Lastly

When in the room, there is an object with accented color so the room is more character, you should stop there. Do not add other objects will only make the conspicuous objects compete against each other.

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