Folding table and chairs
Folding Table and Chairs

3 Disadvantages of Using Folding Table and Chairs

Folding table and chairs are proved to be one of the most useful items you can have, whenever you have many guests. You can provide them an extra chair and table with it. However, behind its usefulness, you also need to know that the folding chairs and table also has many disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Using Folding Table and Chairs

Low Durability

Most of the folding table and chairs are made of aluminum, plastic or other types of lightweight metal. If you see it from how long it will stand, we can say that it can last longer. However, the lightweight metal means that it doesn’t have enough strength to support the weight too long or too often. Therefore, if you plan to use the folding furniture like this for everyday usage, it will be easily damaged and even broken.

Actually, you also can find folding chairs or a table that is made of wood. This one maybe has the cheapest price. However, it has much worse durability problem. It doesn’t stand the weather. And, if the moisture attacks the wood material in it, it will be easily chipped off and damaged.

Usefulness Problem

Disadvantages of using folding table and chairs

Mostly, this furniture is only used for a specific occasion, for example, when you are holding a party at your place. Or, your family from other city visits your place and you want to provide a nice service for them. However, if you don’t have those kinds of event, you won’t need to use it. That means you need to keep it, which can take a lot of space in your house.

By keeping the table and chairs without using it for a long time that means you also need to face that it will be damaged because of the aging or other factors. Moreover, you also need to treat it, if you want to keep using it next time you need it. It means you must spend more time and even money to keep its condition. Unfortunately, many people tend to forget to do this, because they don’t use it too often. It is only increasing the risk of the damage that the folding table and chairs can get.

The Design Problem

Compared to the non-folding table and chair, the folding one always has a design problem, especially the hinge part. The standard table and chair don’t have that, because it was designed to be used frequently and in a very long period of time. Therefore, the strength of this standard table and chair is much better than the folding table and chairs.

On the other hand, the folding chairs and table have the design so it can easily to change its size into more easy-to-store size. Therefore, the design mostly focuses on this practicality. And, they ignore or don’t put too much attention to the strength for a long period of time of usage.

The design also makes this table and chair easy to move around. So, you can expect that it also move easily when you use it. There is also a chance that it will slip and even fall when you use it, unlike the standard table and chair.


Basically, the folding chairs and table are actually very useful. However, it also holds many problems that you may face and those problems can decrease its value. Our recommendation is you need to really consider before you buy the folding furniture like this. Ask this question to yourself. Are you going to use it frequently?

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If you plan to use it frequently, you don’t need to hesitate to buy it. Otherwise, you can choose the standard table and chairs that has multi-function features over the folding table and chairs.

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