Counter height dining set
Counter Height Dining Set

The Ultimate Buying Guide: How to Choose the Best Counter Height Dining Set

The counter height dining set has become a trend in the last decade and if you are strolling in the market for new furniture in your dining room then you may need to read this article in the first place. Counter height furniture pieces may appear taller than the standard chairs and tables for your dining area. On the other hand, it offers something more unique yet casual for the dining room.

However, how tall is it? Would it be suitable for your dining room? What can you expect? Here is anything you need to know about counter height furniture set.

How to Choose the Best Counter Height Dining Set

Counter height terms

Of course, the first thing you need to understand is the term of counter height dining set itself. As we have mentioned earlier, the table and chairs are taller than the size of regular dining sets. The chairs are considered as stools instead of chairs.

Commonly, the size is about 35 inches high. On the other hand, the standard size might be less than 30 inches. However, it is not as tall as a bar table which is about 45 inches. So, if you prefer something taller but not as tall as a bar table and its stools then you can consider counter height furniture pieces.

Counter height stools

If you purchase a counter height dining table, you will also need to adjust the seating. It means that you will need some stools with counter height criteria. Commonly, it will be about 25 inches tall from the floor to the seat. Of course, the chairs would be taller than the standard dining chairs for about 18 inches taller. On the other hand, this kind of stool is not as tall as standard bar stools. So, those are three different things and terms you need to know in the first place before you decide to purchase one of them.

Choosing the right counter height dining table

When it comes to the counter height dining set, you will face a lot of styles you can choose. Before you get overwhelmed with those options, you need to start with the basics. You can begin with measure the dining room and choose a dining table according to the height, depth, and width that seems fit to the existing room.

Once the dimension is on your mind, you can move on to the seating set. Some dining sets come with the dining chairs. However, you are free to purchase it separately. Still, buying a dining set that includes a table and chairs would make you rest assured for sure. Just make sure that the chairs would fit each other and the room as well.

Choosing the right counter height stools

In case you want to purchase the chairs or stools separately, you need to measure anything so everything could work with each other perfectly. Generally, the stools would be 10 inches shorter than the table. When you do the windows shopping, you may need to consider whether or not the seat can be swiveled.

Swivel stools are easier to manage and fit in compared to the fixed stools. Those will be a perfect choice if you want a warm atmosphere where you can chit-chat with your family members during dinners or other meal times. At some cases, armrests are also important for a dining chair. It means that you also need to consider this point.

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Another important point is the backrest. Bar stools tend to have no backrest. Considering this is going to be a dining chair with a stool height, you may need to determine whether the back should exist or not. This is anything you need to consider before purchasing a counter height dining set.

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