Causes of stress at home
Causes of Stress at Home

9 Causes of Stress at Home

The Causes of Stress at Home – Home conditions, including furniture arrangements, lighting, or colors can affect mood and can cause stress. Items that cluttered and fall apart in the house can cause homeowners to feel stressed.

The placement of furniture or poor lighting conditions in a room also affects the mood of the occupants of the house.

The Causes of Stress at Home

Experts share the causes of stress in our homes. I.e:

Too bright and clean room

The bright feel of the living room looks beautiful, but can be stressful for visiting guests because they think things should stay clean

If the owner creates a showroom-like feel and tries to maintain cleanliness at all times, the person who is there can be stressed for fear of causing stains or leaving dirt.

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Scattered Items

According to researchers at the UCLA Center of Everyday Lives and Families (CELF) there is a high correlation between cortisol (a stress-triggering hormone) and women who live at home and have items piled up, such as paper, toys, or dirty dishes. For that, stop delaying to clean it up.

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Certain sounds

Noise is a common cause of stress, and it can appear in a variety of forms, from the television noise, or conversation.

Not all noise is unpleasant or stressful, so it depends on quality and quantity.


Do you have a habit of turning on the TV right away from home after your activity? Stop the habit immediately! Because too much noise can trigger stress.

In addition, you become more often delayed daily work because of TV right? So, resist the urge to always turn on the TV. Only turn it on if there are specific TV shows you want to see like your favorite news or movies.

It suggests that we turn off the television when we’re not watching.

Pay attention to how television sounds affect how you feel, especially when watching the news.

If news programs make us feel stressed, it recommends replacing television shows with soothing music.

Insufficient lighting

Rooms with inadequate lighting can also make certain tasks difficult to complete.

Meanwhile, a room with bright and dim artificial lighting makes it difficult for a person to sleep and relax.

It’s important to consider the function of every room in your home and use lighting to help achieve its goals.

Adding lights, dimmers, or ceiling lights can help recreate spaces that increase stress.

Messy Bed

Studies say that there is a relationship between a messy bed and a bad mood and an increased level of stress.

It’s a good idea to start getting used to cleaning the room as well as the bed.

Also change bad habits such as putting things carelessly and piling on the bed. In addition to making a mess, the bed will also get dirty.

Organizing everything well in the room is the key to getting a good sleep.


Don’t bring office work home too often.

Based on Health and Safety Executive research, bringing work home can keep you awake.

Frequent wakefulness in the middle of the night is one of the causes of stress at home.

Follow a healthy sleep pattern to make your body and mind feel fitter.

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Cluttered living room

Messy, chaotic rooms usually cause stress.

Dirty spaces can signify chaos and discomfort in our bodies that ultimately create stress and tension.

Televisions, speakers and other electronic devices in the living room are always filled with cables. It can be visually disruptive for some people.

Chaos gives our minds more visual information to process.

By emptying the space, you also rest your mind.

Outdated furniture

Outdated décor or worn furniture can lower our spirits.

A broken dining table can make us not eat often at that table.

If your living room sofa is old, dirty, or outdated, you may not feel relaxed being in that space.

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