Clean house list
Clean House List

6 Clean House List: Dealing with boredom at home during Lockdown

The Clean House List: Dealing with boredom at home during Lockdown – Having a neat and organized home is sometimes difficult to materialize. Especially if the house feels messy without you realizing. Yes, this is a problem for many people, due to the familiar with all clutter in the house that is already part of your comfort zone.

Now is the perfect time to get out of the comfort zone, especially in the moment where you can only stay at home during COVID-19 pandemic. At this time of pandemic, the least you can do is organize your life and start from the dry house, as long as the outdoors are worrying. After all, it’s time you have an activity while in isolation other than working from home.

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Clean House List: Dealing with boredom at home during Lockdown

Remember the benefits of tidying the house

You already know many effective ways to tidy the house. You also already have the latest hygiene tools, the hardest is Start it.

To start your home-tidying activities into a fun activity, try you to look further ahead. There are so many benefits you can get from tidying the house. Home not only so clean and sleek, you can also feel happy by tidying the house. According to research from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, 20 minutes of time used for tidying the house can reduce anxiety and stress by as much as 20%.

Minimize items you have

Creating a neat home can be started by minimizing your goods. With few items, you not only benefit from being more minimalist, but having fewer items means fewer things you have to tidy up. Start at your wardrobe, garage, or storage space.

Your clothes, old furniture, unused home supplies can be donated or sold. It’s a good thing to start your home organization journey thanks to the lifting burden of minimizing your goods.

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Providing unused items

If the size of the house is wide enough, you need to create a warehouse as a storage place for items that are rarely used.

For example, a folding bed is used when a guest stays.

Clean your fridge

Clean house list:- clean the fridge

After minimizing most of the items that meet the area of your house, it’s time to clean up any other storage you have, the refrigerator. Start by throwing out outdated food and drinks, especially canned food, sauce bottles, and leftover food. Take the time to remove the contents of the refrigerator so you can clean every shelf and wall in the refrigerator.

After that, combine the remaining contents of the refrigerator in each compartment. Fruits, vegetables, milk, meats, and snacks must all have a certain spot in the refrigerator. It is necessary so that you can clearly monitor certain foods and beverages that you must finish immediately and not forget to consume.

If there is no special room, try to provide a closet or a sizable box.

In it, place a partition or a shelf to put items that are rare or already unused. Such as clothes, shoe boxes, toys to sports equipment.

Tidy up the dry food Cabinets

When cleaning the storage area of cookware and dry food, the key is to dispose of items that have expired. If it is, use open containers such as baskets to combine items in one category, such as oil, spices, tea or coffee, and more. Label each basket to make it easier for you to know where each item should be placed.

Clean House should be free of trash

This Clean House List is indeed absolute and should be applied from the beginning.

Yes, throw trash in place.

Certain foods and objects that are left for a long time, can be a nest of disease.

It’s also troublesome, if suppose one member of the family fallen because of illness?

Thank you very much for reading The Clean House List: Dealing with boredom at home during Lockdown, hopefully useful.

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