How to keep your house clean and organized
How to keep your house clean and organized

8 Easy Tips – How To Keep Your House Clean and Organized

How to keep your house clean and organized? I love to clean house. Being in an environment that is clean and well-maintained makes me feel very happy. If living alone, I probably just need to clean house once a month. Unfortunately, the desire does not correspond to reality.

These three things are often the cause of the House became less clean and need to be cleaned regularly:

  1. Pets.

I have three cats. It’s hard, and it becomes its own challenges to keep the cat’s fur, the drinks and the food is not soiling the House.

  1. My mother is old.

Old people tend to do everything with a mess. But I always remind myself, one day we will all be old.

  1. Children.

Naturally, kids make everything neat, so messy. But as the saying goes, ‘ if it’s not dirty, yes no learning ‘. Regularity is important part of determining the cleanliness of my house. When not treated regularly, perhaps the House will look like a broken vessel.

How to keep your house clean and organized

These 8 habits that I do to keep the House clean and organized:

#1. I put the shirt in place.

Soon after arriving at home, I change clothes and put them in place of laundry or hanged. Don’t let the clothing flung casually on a Chair or on the floor. It saves my time rather than having to turning here and there to look for a pair of socks or a favorite pair of jeans.

#2. Simple Setup.

How my life changed. Before I got all the objects and the equipment needed for everything. Then I decided to live simple, choose what I need, the rest I gave to others. I set up all of the storage of goods, most of the stuff I share with neighbors because I don’t need it.

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#3. I save the document in the place.

If you have many documents, immediately set up in accordance with the type. Collect the bills at certain places, if already paid, save it in a separate place.

#4. Clean after use.

Every Cook, brushing my teeth, make bread or dress up-whatever I do, I always clean the place that I used. I couldn’t stand seeing the kitchen, wash dirty dishes, so I build custom clean living. The remains of the oil and dirt that is left of the old make stuff hard to clean.

#5. The bed is not the place to ‘ junk ‘.

My aunt likes to put anything in the bed. ‘ How anyone could live like this ‘, I thought. The bed should be clear of foreign objects other than those used for sleeping. I set up my bed every morning.

#6. I put the shoes in place.

I don’t like to see the shoes scattered at home. We take off shoes before entering the House and keep it in place of the shoes. Room entrance a neat House makes guests come to feel comfortable.

#7. Dishes and kitchen furnishings always clean.

There are just some people who are accustomed to put a plate or pan of dirty laundry or dishes on the table without washing it. Immediately wash the dishes after you finish eating and washing kitchenware after use.

#8. Respect for people who live the same House.

A clean way of life shows respect for others living at home. Thankfully, all that one home with me to appreciate the tidiness and cleanliness. Follow these 8 ways to create a home that is neat, clean and orderly and can reduce stress. You will feel comfortable at home and reap the benefits of this lifestyle.

This article was adapted by Steffi Subandriyo from the original title of the 12 habits of people who always have a clean house by Maureen Campalola.

Thank you very much for reading How to keep your house clean and organized, hopefully useful.

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