Zen garden ideas
Zen Garden Ideas

2 Zen Garden Ideas and How To Make It?

Zen Garden Ideas and How To Make It? Looking for the right spot at home to be a place to meditate or just want to have a home garden that can be used as a place to relax? The concept of Zen Garden or traditional Japanese garden can be the choice for you who need the means to calm your heart at home.

The term Zen garden comes from a garden in the Zen Buddhism temple in Kyoto, the temple’s garden is a traditional Japanese garden design landmark. In Mandarin, Zen means “meditational” state

Therefore, Zen Garden is designed as a garden that serves for relaxation, meditation, and contemplation. What are the conceptual variations of the Zen garden style? Let’s just look at the following Zen Garden ideas..

Zen Garden Ideas

Rock elements.

Rock elements cannot be separated from the garden. You can make it a sitting mat and a place to feel tranquil.

Stone elements are needed in a Zen garden as it is considered a fundamental part of a house. Stone represents the foundation of a strong life. Natural rock stacks will also be very beautiful and natural looking, it is important to accentuate the elements of nature.

The sand.

The sand in a Zen garden is an element that mimics streams or seas. Usually the sand shape is formed like a wave. This is to help calm your mind during meditation and contemplation. This sand is intended to dispose of negative energy and bring a positive.

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How to make a Zen Garden at the yard home?

For those of you who are interested in having Zen Garden at home, check out the steps to make it the following.

Materials to be prepared.

  • Home page measuring at least 2m X 2m. Make sure the home page is canopied, because Zen Garden is a dry garden that shouldn’t be exposed to water except for its plants.
  • Granite sand, beach sand, or peanut gravel (the amount according to page size).
  • Boulder Stone (large garden stone, adjusted to page size).
  • Mini Elephant grass.
  • Shovel for planting grass.
  • 5 Large size polybag plastic.
  • Sweep Rake.
  • Cement.
  • Stepping Stone (footrest while stepping / passing through the page), can be made or buy.
  • Plants in a large pot.

Steps to create a Zen Garden.

  • Sketch image.

First, draw on the scale of how the Zen Garden desired. Where the rocks, grass, stepping stones, and plants are located. With this image, you have a clear benchmark of plans and designs.

  • Flatten the page.

Zen Garden needs flat surfaces for easy setup and repair.

  • Put a stepping stone.

First, put a stepping stone according to the design. Tighten the stepping stone with cement, to be stuck on the ground. Allow it to dry and sturdy.

  • Planting grass.

Plant mini Elephant Grass according to design sketch. Generally, the area of this grass is only about 20% of the page size. Zen Garden is a page where each element’s location looks irregular, so it’s best to area of grass to be created with a random shape, not in a certain corner or geometric. Wait until the grass grows flat in the desired area.

  • Sprinkle the sand.

Before the sand is sprinkled, we must first make sure that this sand will not be overgrown by any plant. The sand in Zen garden should be clean from weeds. Therefore, the surface of the empty ground (other than those planted with grass and stepping stones) with a polybag, or such plastic that is quite thick. Just then sprinkle the sand on it, until it is completely covered. It would be better if the thickness reaches 10 cm.

  • Laying stones and crops.

Put some boulder rocks and potted plants randomly. If the page is narrow, it is best to just lay a stone in 2 or 3 dots. The number of crops is not much. Zen Garden is not a green garden model that requires many plants.

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  • Scratching the sand.

Bring the sand around rocks, grass, and potted plants. Do it with a horizontal pattern that is snaking. These lines should be smooth, should be no visible foot marks.

Thank you very much for reading Zen Garden Ideas and How To Make It? Hopefully useful.

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