Types of mattresses pros and cons

Types of mattresses pros and cons

Currently there are many types of mattress that offers a range of comforts with the latest technologies. Each type of mattress has the pros and cons of each. Therefore, before purchasing a mattress, it’s good You know first the Types of mattresses pros and cons. And before buying matress, we recommended you to read 3 Important considerations when buying a new Mattress.

Types of mattresses pros and cons

Here are some Types of mattresses pros and cons.

  • Kapok mattress.

Kapok mattress is a traditional mattress that most commonly used since the first. Pros: The basic materials of manufacture of the kapok as a natural ingredient which is convenient because it can absorb heat. For a very affordable price so much interest most people.
Cons: A lack of this type of mattress, if have long used will deflate and also hard that need to be add kapok again. Kapok mattress is also difficult cleaned so easily could be dusty and nest mites or lice on the sidelines of the seams.

  • Foam Mattress.

Foam mattress is a great alternative for those who want to switch from traditional mattresses. Pros: In addition to a relatively affordable price, the weight is lightweight so easily transported. The advantages of this type of mattress is soft and comfortable, but also depends on the quality of the foam.
The cons, it is easily deflated besides the circulation air is less good, so hot. Raw material containing chemical substances can also be harmful to the body. For that, consumers need to be careful when going to buy it.

  • Springbed Mattress .

Spingbed mattress or also known as a spring mattress is a foam mattress technology combined with spring technology. This type of mattress is one of the most popular used by consumers today. Pros: These mattresses are mostly chosen because of the spring that can bounce back and can adjust the shape and body weight.
The cons, if it was a long, the springs easily rusty so susceptible to contain bacteria and fungi. The spring can loosen so it becomes concave in the middle so you will feel immersed in the middle of the mattress make sleep uncomfortable.

Thank you very much for reading Types of mattresses pros and cons, hopefully useful.

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