What are the best cat breeds for pets
What are The Best Cat Breeds For Pets

What are The Best Cat Breeds For Pets? Here are 7 Choices

What are The Best Cat Breeds For Pets? Different types of cats have different personalities. Certain breeds tend to require slightly more care than others, and others tend to be more social and friendly than others. For the first pet cat, most people want a sociable cat, especially if you have another pet, and a cat that won’t take up much time.

Some of the cat breeds below are great examples of that. In general, they are quite relaxed and forthright. Remember, no matter how simple a cat is, you’re still in charge of them. So care them properly. Here are some choices of cat breeds that you can like.

What are The Best Cat Breeds For Pets?


Abyssinian is one of the oldest breeds of pet cats, but from which its origins are unclear.

What is known is that the Abyssinian breed was developed in England and the first Abyssinian cats arrived in the United States in the early 1900s,.

With almond-shaped eyes and short, short fur that come in a variety of colors, This breed of cat resembles a small mountain lion or cougar. Athletic and loving cats are also very fond of high perch and love to explore.

Abyssinian is a very active type, very curious and very smart.

American Shorthair

The ancestors of American Shorthair cats are considered native to North America, and selective breeding resulted in the official designation of the American Shorthair breed in the 1960s.

At first glance, the body of this muscular and medium-sized cat may resemble that of an inconspicuous domestic cat, but this breed has a specific look.

The American Shorthair is known for its wide eyes, round ears, and square-shaped muzzle, as well as its adaptability, relaxed and compassionate nature.

American Shorthair fur is short and dense, and available in a variety of colors and patterns, with a very popular brown color.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are known to be sociable, friendly and playful animals. They sometimes have a dog-like tendency, it’s nice to be invited to play. This is that they are intelligent and easy to train, attention-loving, and adaptable.


Siamese cats are very intelligent and fun to hang out with. As for care with their appearance, quite simply, they do not have long fur, so do not require much care or combing. They generally have a great and loyal personality. In addition, it is also easy to be far away and curious.


If you want a fun cat to play with and cuddle at the same time, choose Ragdoll. This kind-hearted cat is easy to get along with everyone, including other animals. They are very adaptable, likes to curl up, and they are very relaxed. They are also easy to care and maintain cleanliness.


Originally from Burma, now known as Myanmar, Burmese cats are believed to be sanctified in temples and monasteries across the country.

Historically, a cat is considered the “founding mother” of the breed, a cat named Wong Mau that was transported from Burma to the United States by a sailor in the 1930s.

The cat was then given to Dr. Joseph G. Thompson in San Francisco. There, Thompson started a breeding program that spread Burmese breeds throughout the country.

Burma can weigh between 2.7 kg to 6.3 kg and up to 45 cm in length. Cats of this breed tend to be medium, stocky, and muscular in size.

Burmese are strong-looking cats with round heads and large, expressive eyes. The shades are available in ferret, champagne, silver, and blue, in a mix of those colors.

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Somalis are very active, love to play, and they are full of energy. Even so, don’t worry because they’re pets that are easy to socialize and around other people and animals. This is great if you have other pets or live with a lot of people. They are fully capable of entertaining themselves, although prefer to be with their owners.

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