Benefits of fish farming
Benefits Of Fish Farming

10 Benefits Of Fish Farming and Ornamental Fish Keeping

It is no longer a secret that caring for animals bring health benefits. For most people, it may be more happy to keep a dog or a cat because it can be interacted. In addition to the two animals, apparently fish is also quite popular. So, what Benefits Of Fish Farming?

Benefits Of Fish Farming

Fish including pets are quite popular because they have brightly colored scales to their easy to care. In fact, for those who suffer from animal allergies, fish is the best alternative.

For those of you who want to start to nurture fish, you should know first of all the benefits of these aquatic animals.

Reduce stress levels

One of the benefits offered from nurturing fish, especially ornamental fish, is to reduce stress levels. This has been proven through research published in PLoS one.

Generally, most studies have demonstrated the benefits of physical interactions and contacts between humans and animals, such as dogs and cats.

Therefore, researchers try to find out if there is a privilege of the fish considering not involving physical contact at all.

The research is systematically searching. All forms of interaction against fish are considered. Start from keeping fish in a private aquarium, seeing fish in a public aquarium, and watching it on video.

After 19 studies, six of them showed that seeing fish in the aquarium helped reduce stress and anxiety. This is seen when some participants are asked to see fish, both in the video and in the aquarium.

Heart rate and blood pressure that is the benchmark stress levels are decreasing. Therefore, researchers concluded that the benefits of fish can help lower the stress levels of its owners.

Helps manage the diabetes disease

Helps manage the diabetes diase is one of Benefits Of Fish Farming.

Did you know that raising fish can help some adolescents manage diabetes? A study showed that caring fish can help adolescents with diabetes manage their illness.

A group of teenagers who experienced this type 1 diabetes are asked to feed and to have the water content of the aquarium containing fish. Then, participants also perform routine maintenance, such as replacing the water tanks every week.

At the same time, the teenagers ‘ parents are also invited to pay attention to their blood sugar levels. As a result, teenagers who diligently take care of their fish tend to be more disciplined about examining their own blood glucose than adolescents who do not nourish fish.

The benefits of raising this fish are good enough for teenagers to routinely have a self-checked by taking care of pets.

Helps calm the mind

In addition to reducing stress, the benefits of nurturing fish can also help you calm your mind. One of the sounds of the surroundings that most people value is quite soothing is the sound of water flowing. There are other types of music that make the mind relax, such as the sound of ocean waves, rain storms, and river sounds.

The features of this water sound are apparently that makes some people enjoy fishing in the river. Not because of catching fish, but they can enjoy the sounds and natural beauty around.

Meanwhile, for those who nurture fish in the aquarium may be more pleased to bring a soothing effect to the house. Because, after the aquarium is given ornaments with rocks and plants, watching the fish swim also reduces stress levels and anxiety.

In addition, the sound of thundering bubbles from the tank, fish color, and aquarium background also add to the therapeutic effect. It is not surprising if the fish aquarium is often seen in the doctor’s waiting room for a quieter patient before entering the consultation room.

Good for child development

The next Benefits Of Fish Farming is good for child development.

Keeping the fish in the aquarium not only provides benefits for the health of older persons, but also good for child development. In addition to reducing the anxiety and calming of children, fish also helps children learn their responsibilities, nature, and creativity.

What’s more, fish is a good allergy-free animal for children, so they can learn responsibly. From watching to helping feed and other treatments.

Children’s imagination can be developed when they participate in building a fish playground and putting plants in the aquarium. When they successfully complete the task while raising the fish, the child’s confidence increases.

The benefits of nurturing fish also help children hone their social skills because fish can be a new conversation topic among his friends.

As investment

Investment is one of the Benefits Of Fish Farming in addition to being beneficial to health.

Please note, some types of fish have a fairly high exchange rate. Call it a Louhan or Arowana. For you who love fish, you can nurture it since baby, so it can be used as an investment for the future.

Benefits of ornamental fish keeping

Benefits of fish farming and ornamental fish keeping

Here are The Benefits Of Fish Farming, especially ornamental fish:

Stabilizes blood pressure and lowers anxiety

Generally, the ideal blood pressure is below 120/80, and it’s supposed to stay at this level to keep your health well maintained. When blood pressure is stable, there will be a decline in the very necessary stress levels to keep the health optimal.

From a variety of studies around the world proved, that gazing at aquariums containing ornamental fish is able to stabilize blood pressure, which will certainly provide immense health benefits for someone who does have a history of cardiovascular disorders.

Watching the fish swim in the aquarium with a variety of colors, can also cause a more relaxed body condition. This will be very useful for lowering anxiety levels and being able to make thoughts clearer.

By looking at the aquarium and seeing the ornamental fish swim, it is also able to trigger neurochemistry in the brain called GABA or an amino acid that acts as a neurotransmitter and functions by inhibiting or slowing the transmission of nerves in the brain, thus being able to reduce anxiety.

Helps focus and concentrate

When you look at the aquarium and the ornamental fish that swim there, it can help you get more focused. The reason is that the activity can calm the mind and make the concentration increase.

Beneficial to Healthy Heart

Heart health as one of the necessary things to be cared for by all people can be had by watching the cute fish in the aquarium. According to health experts, see the beautiful panorama inside the aquarium is very useful for the heart.

The reason when you see the fish in the aquarium,  you will feel calm, relaxed, so normal blood pressure and the heart muscles become smooth. It is very helpful to reduce heart pressure to make the heart strong and healthy.

Treating Alzheimer’s.

Keeping ornamental fish can cure Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s disease is a disease that attacks the brain function such as memory, motion sensing, and problem solving. This disease is not easy to be treated directly, but it can be tried with small therapies that can help the patient to be more calm and focused.

Relieve Toothache

Uncomfortable taste when the tooth ache will be relieved when looking at ornamental fish because it is believed to have a therapeutic effect so that it can relax the mind when toothache.

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