How to choose good quality bed sheets
How To Choose Good Quality Bed Sheets

4 Easy Tips How To Choose Good Quality Bed Sheets To Sleep Better | How To Choose Good Quality Bed Sheets – n addition to a comfortable bed and room atmosphere, bed linen also plays an important role in determining sleep quality. The better the bed linen product, the more quality your sleep will be.

Well, if you are one of those who have trouble sleeping, you must immediately set a strategy. One way that can be done is to choose the right bed linen. Bed linen has to do with comfort. When you feel comfortable in bed, it will be easier for you to fall asleep. Vice versa.

How To Choose Good Quality Bed Sheets

In order not to buy the wrong one, here are tips for choosing good bed linen for sleeping.

Make sure the size fits the mattress

Selection of bed linen cannot be done arbitrarily. The reason is, each sleeping mat has a different size. Meanwhile, bed linen, generally follows the size of the mattress. If the size of the bed sheet is too large, then sleeping can be uncomfortable because the bed sheet will move easily. On the other hand, if it’s too small, of course, the sheets won’t work.

Sheet Material

You can choose the bed linen material according to the air condition where you live. If you live in a hot and humid place, choose sheets made of cotton or linen. Cotton has a high fluid absorption capacity so it quickly absorbs sweat. Cotton also provides a cool and cool effect.

Almost similar to cotton, linen has a fairly high level of comfort. Linen is softer and smoother and gives a cooling effect. Well, if you live in a cool climate or mountainous area, choose sheets made of warm materials, such as rayon. Although synthetic, rayon is still soft and comfortable to use.

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Fabric Density

The next characteristic of quality bed linen is the density of the fabric. The density of the fabric can be a determinant for the durability of the sheets you use. Therefore, in addition to being soft, it is also important to choose bed linen, that fabric is tight so that it is more durable.

The easy way, you just hold the cloth in the direction of the light or the sun. Materials with good density cannot be penetrated by light and conversely materials that are less dense will be irradiated easily aka translucent. The denser the density, the better it will be, and the less dense the fabric, the worse the quality will be because it will tear easily so it won’t last long.

Patterns and Colors

If you have found a comfortable material, now is the time for you to adjust the color and pattern of the bed linen according to the room theme. Thus, the atmosphere of the room will look more aesthetic and comfortable. If your room has a minimalist style, then you can use plain sheets, without motifs. Well, if the room doesn’t have a window and feels dark, then choose a light color for the sheets to make it look wider.

Finding quality bed linen with these criteria is certainly very easy.

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