Tips for eclectic decorating
Tips For Eclectic Decorating

6 Tips For Eclectic Decorating

Tips For Eclectic Decorating – Eclectic style is nothing new in the world of architecture and interiors. It has emerged since the 19th century as something unique, in the form of a mixture of various elements into a whole unit.

Designers have complete freedom in composing each of these elements.

So many elements to display, it will look messy at first glance. But if it is looked at in more detail, it will appear that each of these elements supports each other. Build a full image of the entire area of the house. So, how do you get an eclectic interior?

Tips For Eclectic Decorating

Define one parent theme

This is the easiest first step to applying an eclectic style. For example, the parent theme this time is the use of low-contrast red hearts in neutral base colors. Then you can freely choose any model of furniture or decoration, as long as the color fits the concept. That way, the balance of the interior facade is maintained.

Choose and Decide which Colors to Combine

Choosing and deciding which colors to combine is one of Tips For Eclectic Decorating.

Color plays an important role in eclectic design. For the next time all you have to think about is choosing and deciding the color of the room. Although it seems arbitrary in combining colors, the eclectic style has a core color so that the colors appear to radiate harmony with each other. Well, you can choose the color of the neutral palette and strengthen the neutral accent.

The eclectic design of the living room, usually has the hallmarks of color, especially on the walls. Choose neutral colors. This is because the walls have a role as the background, so the colors are thrown at every corner of life. If the walls of your house are predominantly white, there are many colors that can be palettes and accents. It’s just keeping it by minimizing the dark color on oversized items.

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Let’s say you can blend it with beige or light brown. Color accents can be realized through existing items, such as furniture and curtains. You also blend one more neutral color that is light gray.

But be careful in pouring this one color. Choose a large item such as a sofa. In addition to colors, consider adding natural lighting. This can be realized by avoiding the selection of dark colors on the curtains.

Bring Out Historical Values

The eclectic style has one unique characteristic, namely the use of items of historical value. It could be historical items from past civilizations. Or special objects that are sentimental to a particular person. So you need to make sure that there are historically valuable elements in the room that will apply an eclectic style.

Choose one emphasis

Tips for eclectic decorating - choose one emphasis

Next, you need to give assertiveness to the eclectic room. Choose one emphasis, it can be something that accentuates your character, or confirms about the function of the room. If you choose the second point, make sure there is one of the central areas that can explain straightforwardly how this room is used. As pictured above, the sofa with various attractive patterns confirms that the homeowner will welcome a friendly guest visit.

Focal point

When you set the layout of a room, keep in mind that although the electric style is a style that combines style and periods through different types of items, there should be a focal point in the room. Highlight something eye catching, such as accents on the walls or other striking decorative items.

Functional furniture

The comfort and convenience of furniture and interior design are the main criteria of electrical style. All indoor items should be functional and practical, not just beautiful. That’s why in electoral style we often find antique and modern furniture can complement each other. Antique cabinets can be placed side by side with modern built-in cabinets, minimalist glass tables or classic chairs with gold embroidered upholstery.

Thank you very much for reading Tips For Eclectic Decorating, hopefully useful.

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